FIFe abbreviation:
Place of Origin:
A natural breed
Breed type:
Shorthaired to semi-longhaired cat
Body type:
Short, muscular
2 - 4 kg
Colour variety:
All colour variety

History: This breed is also called a Dachshund Cat. In 1983, two kittens with extremely short legs were found in Louisiana on the street. One of them was pregnant and gave birth to four kittens, two of which had the same trait as their mother. Several breeders have managed to capture and cross-breed domestic cats to create this variety. In addition to the United States of America, the Munchkin are also bred in France.

The gen that is causing short legs is dominant and the mating is still allowed only with short-haired and long-haired domestic cats that do not belong to any breed.

Nature: Even though Munchkin's feet are noticeably short, they are moving and playful cats. Their difference does not prevent them from climbing. They cannot jump as high as cats with normal leg´s lengths. They are socially oriented cats that can easily keep up with other cats and dogs. They like to be part of the family and they are quite friendly.

Body: It is a medium sized cat with a broad round breast and a medium-tail that merges into a rounded toe. The typical feature of the breed is short muscular and straight legs. The hind legs are longer than the front. The legs should not be crooked or curled in or out. The mistake is a recess between the blades or bent limbs. The head is medium-sized and slightly wedge-shaped. Ears are large and straight. The big eyes are walnut-shaped and are slightly sloping.

Coat: Munchkin's coat may be short or long.

Care: It is enough to brush once a week and then comb through with a fine comb. Carefully trim the sharp ends of the claws and clean the ears.

Colour variety: All colours of coat and eyes are allowed.