Auvergne Pointer


Auvergne Pointer - Group VII - Pointing Dogs, Section 1 - Continental Pointing Dogs – Type “Braque”.

General Appearance:

In its country of origin it is primarily a hunting dog. It's fine to gentle, sensitive, lively, highly manoeuvrable, friendly, intelligent and docile. Easily it adapts to family life, and therefore it has all the prerequisites to be too sympathetic companion dog. It has so far only happens rarely, because it is largely in the hands of hunters who are generally convinced that the "real hunting dog into the apartment it does not belong." It is helpful, malleable and obedient, no hard training is necessary. It is not only unnecessary, but can inflict a lot of damage, because it is a breed that harsh educational and hates training methods.

With other dogs it gets very well tolerated as other small and small pets, but it is better if it can gradually accustom them from an early age. To the child-friendly it acts. It requires a lot of opportunities to move. The happiest is if you can work as often as possible in the field, finding and pointing small game birds.


It is medium size, scenthhound type, compact and strong but not too heavy bone, easily moveable, operating elegant feel. The format of the body is square. The height at withers male is from 57 to 63 (ideal. 60) cm and females from 53 to 59 (ideal 56) cm.

The head is long, due large in proportion to the overall size, lighter with the females. Topline of skull is to be seen from the side slightly divergent with the muzzle. When viewed from above should be nearly oval shape of the skull. The occipital protuberance is only slightly pronounced. Front track is steep.

The muzzle should be slightly shorter than the skull, or it may be just as long. Nasal bridge must be straight. The nose is always black, fairly broad and shiny. Lips are quite strong, upper overlaps the lower. The bite can be a scissor or pincer.

The eyes should be rather large, oval, dark hazel and properly positioned in orbit may be not protruding or sunken, honest and benign expression. The rims are fully pigmented, conjunctiva should not be exposed. Lids should fit snugly to the eyeballs.

The earlobes are suspended, elastic by the touch like satin, seeded rather on the back of the head rest mounted below the connector nose and eyes. When it is alert it can be lifted.

The neck is fairly long with not large dewlap. Its length should be approximately equal to the length of the head. Topline body is solid, straight and withers pronounced. The back is narrow, flat and short peaks spine processes of the vertebrae are not visible. Croup is sloping, viewed from the side clutching its lines with horizontal lines formed by an upper body angle of 35 °. Hipbones are distinct.

The tail is set high enough. It must be carried horizontally and should be more cylindrical, never too thin. Times in length from 15 to 20 cm if it is undocked, it reaches to the ankle joints, but not above.

The chest is so deep that its depth is equal to 1/2 of height at the withers, reaching to the elbows. The bottom line body slightly towards the abdomen rises and it goes without a break. The forelegs should be parallel stance, pelvic are moderately angulated, while moving parallel to each other. The thighs should be well muscled, hocks dry and strong. Movement is adequately spacious and rhythmic.

Skin should be smooth enough, rather loose, but not too loose. The coat is short and glossy. Its colour must be black, mixed in various parts of the body varying amounts of white guard hairs. Accordingly, distinguishes between two kinds of colour, sprayed and grey.