English Setter


English Setter -Group VII. Pointing Dogs, Section 1 - British and Irish Pointers and Setters, Setters.

General Appearance:

It is an active and visually attractive dog endowed with extraordinary hunting abilities, extremely friendly and good-natured. During the hunt it acts quickly and calmly, it works equally well in both very high and the very low temperatures. It has an excellent sense of smell and fixed pointing. Even as a specialist working in the field it can be used as a versatile hunter.


By enforcement instructional techniques, you can probably betray and ruin. Suitable for persons who are capable of the consistency of warm, quiet, discreet, without any tendency to choleric behaviour gifted natural authority, which is able to empathize with its foundation s character and respect them. Field tests (Field Trials) English hounds when hunting deer there are for dog the most natural physical and mental activity.


This is a medium-sized dog, clean outlines, extremely noble, elegant appearance standing and in motion. The height at withers, male is 65-68 cm for female is from 61 to 65 cm.

The head is carried high, long and relatively dry. Skull should be between earlobes oval, reasonably spacious. Occipital is bone clearly visible, distinctive frontal slope. Muzzle should be viewed from the proper depth (high) pretty square, not at the end pointed.

The nose should be black or liver, according to the coat colour. Wide open nostrils, lips should not be too loose. The jaws are equally long, thick. It requires a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite. Full dentition is desirable.

The eyes are oval shaped, strong, but not prominent. Their view has to be intelligent, kind and gentle. The colour is from hazelnut brown to dark liver, the darker the better. In liver brown and white dogs are permitted eyes brighter colours. The earlobes are suspended, moderately long, set on low. Neat fold close to the cheek. Their ends are covered with short hair, velvet, the upper parts covered with long soft, silky hair.

The neck should be long and muscular, elegant, seen in profile in the neck slightly arched and head clearly indented. On the neck should never be dewlap or. The body is adequately long, short, straight spine. The loin should be broad, slightly arched, strong and muscular.

The tail is set almost level with the top line of the body and to be reasonably long, so was not reaching below the hock. Must not be twisted but can be slightly accurate or curved sabre.

Chest deep and is required between the blades must be appropriately broad. The ribs are nicely rounded and very flexible. Even the rear floating ribs shall be quite long and reach far back.

The forelegs must be properly sloping shoulder blade. Elbows close to the body, must be neither turned in nor out. The forearms are straight and muscular. The hindquarters should be very muscular from hip to hock adequately long. Hocks low the foundation nor the convergent or divergent. Feet both legs are tightly knit and well knuckled. Movement is light and elegant, fast and durable.

Since the game occipital head in line with ears, the whole body is covered with a slightly undulating surface (but not curly) long and silky hair on the back of the forelegs form a so-called, feathering on back of the thigh "pants".

The colouring can be black-and-white (blue belton), orange and white (orange belton), lemon yellow and white (lemon belton), liver-brown-and-white (liver belton) or tricolour, i.e. Black-and-white with tan or brown-liver white and tan. On the body should not be a large coloured spots (plates), priority is given to small speckles called spots.