French Pointing Dog Gascogne Type


French Pointing Dog Gascogne Type - Group VII - Pointing Dogs, Section 1.1. Continental Pointing Dogs type « Braque ».

General Appearance:

It is a sweet and thoroughly modest, welcoming and friendly by  nature and easy handling dog  this may be not only  a hunting dog also nice companion.


Its nature is very sensitive and during its education and training there is not good use any harsh or even cruel methods of coercion. It is necessary to approach to it by all circumstances kindly and gently. Education does not make any more trouble, if owner respects the dog at all times the principle of absolute consistency. If not used for hunting, dog must be able to receive sufficient long walks. You should pass walks in quick speed.


This is a medium-sized hound Braque type impressive appearance, a burly, but not overly heavy. The height at withers, male is 58-69 cm for female is from 56 to 68 cm, the ideal is considered to range from 61 to 63 cm.

The head is strong, but not rude, skull above almost flat or slightly arched, longitudinal furrow featureless face. The occipital part should be only slightly indicated. Topline of skull is viewed from the side in an imaginary extension when viewed from the side, slightly divergent with the muzzle. The frontal slope (stop) must not  be negligible or too abrupt, but gradual.

The muzzle is square and wide, and its length should be slightly smaller than the length of the skull. Nasal bridge can be straight or slightly curved (may be slightly down faced). The nose should be broad and brown with wide-open nostrils.

Lips are loose, overhanging upper chin exceeds except when viewed from the side also lower jaw. Oral corners should be clear, complete dentition is required. Pincer bite tolerated desirable, but scissor.

The eyes are properly open properly stored in orbit coloured brown or dark yellow. The view is sincere. The earlobes are set in line at eyes, hanging, medium length, at the base not too wide, adjacent to the well head, slightly corkscrew stacy and the tops are rounded. It’s stretched ahead without violence must extend to the edges of the nasal wings. One or two vertical skin wrinkles may be on the cheeks in the amount of line or slightly above the line of outpost earlobes.

The neck is adequately long, the neck slightly arched, always not large dewlap. The back should be broad, straight, sometimes a little longer, but must always be hard. The loin is short, muscular and slightly arched. The croup should be viewed from the side slightly sloping.

The tail is set to form a straight line extension of the upper body. Customarily docked but shall also be either bobtail, or naturally long. If long, it must be properly set, and then it is not considered a greater mistake like tail bobtail.

The chest should be broad when viewed from front, seen from side, long and deep so that it reaches to the elbows. Ribs are due, but not the barrel and arched. Flanks must be flat (slack), the abdomen should be slightly tucked.

The forelegs are in the position perpendicular to the substrate, straight and muscular. Shoulders should be powerfully muscled, moderately sloping. The shoulder bones are strong, with appropriately developed muscle. The elbows should be at the level of the sternum, paws clenched fingers correctly arched form a solid unit nearly round shape. The nails are strong, padded high.

The hindquarters should be in the position perpendicular to the substrate level. Thighs are strong and rounded, shin muscular, hock moderately angulated, insteps relatively short, compact feet, nearly round shape.

Skin should be flexible and looser. The hair must be fairly thick and smooth on the head and earlobes softer. Colouration may be reddish-chestnut, chestnut red-brown with white spots, white with maroon-reddish spots, with reddish called. Tan, i.e. with tan markings above the eyes, lips and limbs.