Old Danish Pointing Dog


Old Danish Pointing Dog - Group VII. - Pointing Dogs, Section 1.1 Continental Pointing Dogs, « Braque » type.

General Appearance:

It is a strong, lively, intelligent and sympathetic, founding cute but quite sensitive hound.


During its hunting the preparation there is present no great difficulty. Harsh parforce (enforcement) training methods it hates. It excels especially at work in the fields, hunting small game birds.


This is a hound lighter, but athletic appearance. Height at withers is 58.5 - 66 cm and weight 20.4 - 29 kg.

The head is broad skull is moderately long muzzle. The nose should be black or another colour uniform with coat. Desirable is a scissor or pincer bite. Eyes are medium sized with brown irises. The earlobes are to be suspended, set high broad at the base, close to cheeks.

The neck should be moderately long, with not large dewlap. Topline of body straight, the spine must be strong. Loin is muscular and strong. The tail should be moderately long, pointed at the end.

Chest requires broad and deep with properly sprung ribs. The forelegs are straight and strong. The hindquarters should be muscular, properly bent at the knees and hocks. Feet should be round and flat.

The coat is short, fine and colour should be yellow-orange with small white markings on the front chest, muzzle, paws and tail tip.