Hungarian Hound - Transylvanian Scent Hound


Hungarian Hound - Transylvanian Scent Hound - Group VI - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section -Medium sized Hounds.

General Appearance:

It is extremely hardy, tenacious, blessed with an excellent sense of smell, sharp passionately i.e. varmint which are qualities that hunters extremely appreciate by this dog. In addition it skilfully points hunted animal.

Exquisitely it is used especially in the vast hunting grounds, where there are plenty of wild boars. It is excellent during searching of hurt wild animals, as well as it is great noisy reporter. It need not be fixed on a leash as Scenthound may be freely unleashed after fleeing track wounded game and it follows, until it finds it.

Outside it is active and alert, gentle and affectionate. If it lives permanently in an outdoor kennel if it has the opportunity to spend a part of life in the company of people, it's a dog very kind-hearted nature, calm, gentle and patient, but also it  can be lively and decisive under all conditions.

Training/Behaviour: Its behavioural character is necessary in training respect. Slavish obedience by this breed owner cannot accept, when dog is far from its owner and working, it is used to rely on its decision.


The dog is athletic body that allows full power even during long development. Its skeleton must not be gross or weak. Height at withers to the length of the body as 10: 11, the format of the body is very short rectangular. Height at withers at the height of leggy varieties of 55-65 cm and  weight of body 30-35 kg and by short leggy variety , height at withers is  45-50 cm, weight of body  about 22 to 25 kg (max. 30).

The head has to be elongated and the muzzle should not be too pointed. The nose is not completely blunt and must be black. Nasal wings are movable, nostrils wide open. Jaws should be strong, firm and large teeth. Full dentition is required, the number of teeth must conform to the dental formula, and a scissor bite.

Eyes should be medium-sized, almond shaped, slightly oblique, dark brown colour. The edges of the eyelids fit close to the eyeballs.

The earlobes are moderately high set, hanging, should not be too hard, without folds, tightly fitting to the cheeks. For bases are wide, toward the rounded tops are tapered. Laid forward, covering eyes, but should not be much longer.

The neck is very muscular, medium length. On the neck may be a small adjoining lobe it is permissible but undesirable.

The tail should be reasonably high, thick. At rest, the last third of the slightly curved upward. Tip reaches max 1-2 cm below the hock. When arousal is carried above the topline of the body, strongly curved, but not curled over the back. They must not be docked. Tip of the sternum does not act too far ahead.

The chest is wide, long and not very deep. The imaginary cross-section has an oval to nearly circular shape allowing easy breathing.

The forelegs must be vertical to ground when viewed from the front and parallel to each other in position with respect to the breadth of chest, moderately spaced (stance is wide enough). The hindquarters should be heavily muscled, the attitude shifted when viewed from the side slightly backward.

The entire body including the abdomen is covered with short, thick, straight hair and perfectly adherent. Neck, withers, behind the thighs and underneath the tail is slightly longer. At the appropriate places in the body are noticeable hair in swirls and ridges, beneath the outer coat of undercoat.

To negative defects include aggression or fearfulness, too narrow, long skull and muzzle, round skull, short muzzle, barely noticeable, or an abrupt stop, a bad bite, earlobes light (the move "floating"), tail Terrier´s  (vertically erect or forward roll) or greyhound (downloaded the hindquarters), wiry hair, soft or wrinkled, lack of (thin) coat.