Posavatz Hound


Posavatz Hound - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized Scenthounds.

General Appearance:

It is obedient at home and dependent on the owner. It is the dog of outstanding character traits and slightly lively temperament. During hunting it behaves diligently and independently, it is used to decide depending on the situation itself, at its own discretion and experience. It works quite reliably.


This is a medium sized dog hefty rectangular body frame. Length of body exceeds height at withers shall be about 10 to 15%. Height at withers is 46-58 cm, ideal for male and 50 cm and 48 cm for female. The head is long and narrow with length 20-24 cm. The skull has to be seen from the side, headed slightly arched. Seen from above, it is oval-shaped, not too broad. Longitudinal furrow is to be pronounced as the occipital part.

The nose is broad, black, blackish or dark brownish. Jaws and teeth should be strong. Desirable is complete and regular scissor bite.

The eyes are large, with dark irises and eyelids tight to the eyeballs. Their expression is soft.

The earlobes are hung adjacent to the cheeks, flat, thin, rounded at the tops. They should be as long as a nasal bridge and loaded forward reach without violence corners of the mouth. The neck should be moderately long and muscular, viewed from the side of its neck slightly arched. Its axis in relation to the upper line of the body is diagonal. Skin on it is tight at the neck does not form a dewlap.

The tail is set in line with the topline of the body. Medium length, thick at the root reaches up to the hock. It should be like sickle. Longer hair on its underside forming a "brush" is admissible.

Chest should be long, wide and deep. The forelegs should be seen from the front straight and vertical to ground. Their stance is wide. When viewed from the side of the free part from the elbow to the feet facing forward slightly skewed. Feet tend to "cat" (round) than the "hare" (elongate oval) with well-knit toes. The pads should be flexible, durable, strong nails, pigmented. Hindquarters from the side slightly from the hips to the ground are sloping towards the rear.

Skin should be flexible and the entire body fits tightly to the skeletal muscle and subcutaneous tissue. Nowhere forms wrinkles and folds. The coat is long 2-3 cm, rigid, dense and adjacent area. On belly should be well feathered hair on it, on the underside of the tail and on the back of the legs is slightly longer.

To negative defects belong aggression or fearfulness, the muzzle end too pointed or very blunt ended, too strong, uttered the nasal bridge with a "snub" (upstanding) nose, shortening both jaws, overshot or undershot jaw, bite, pincer, irregular or wry called. glass (off-white) eyes, ears too short, erect, very high or very low, the tail end of a hook curved, carried to one side, with a "flag" (bottom too long furred), excessively long coat.