Medium-sized Anglo-French Hound


Anglo-francais de Petite vénerie Group VI. – Scent hounds and related breeds, Section 1 – Medium sized Hounds.

General Appearance:

Although it was bred for hunting the rabbits. The dog was even used for hunting deer, foxes and even wild boar. As a hunting dog is tenacious, fast, brave, intelligent and it has an excellent sense of smell. It is able to work in any field in the pack or individually.

Because it was bred as a hunting dog and it was pronounced almost exclusively by hunters who have no intention to socialize this breed, it is very rare breed, kept mostly in France.


It's a dog a solid and balanced body, with no signs of coarseness. When viewed from the side, the body of a typical well-built hound French origin. Height at withers 48-56 cm with a maximum tolerance of + / -2 cm for the otherwise excellent individual.

The head is elongated and not too wide. The occipital part is not so attractive. Skull should be slightly arched above, but not too much.

Nasal bridge may be flat or slightly convex (slight down-faced). The nose is rich pigmented, nostrils should be wide open.

The eyes are large, brown, gentle but lively expression.

The earlobes should be suspended, set below eye level at the base narrow, flexible, easily wrapped inside Corkscrew, moderately broad. Laid forward reach at least two fingers from the base of the nose.

The back should be firm, smooth.

It is medium length,   quite fine, well set in the extension of the loin line, with thick hair, but without some longer and coarser, slightly off standing hairs (like ears of grain) towards the tip.

The chest should be capacious, so profound that reaches at least to the elbows.

The forelegs are adequately strong, powerful and straight.

The hindquarters are muscular thighs and long and slightly bent hocks fairly low over the base.

Feet are dry, i.e. close and (compact, i.e., with tightly closed toes).

The coat should be smooth, dense, smooth fitting. Colouration can be tricolour, i.e. white-black with rich tan and black nose, white and black with bright tan markings and a black nose or bicolour, i.e. white and orange with tobacco-brown nose.

Faults from the standard requirements must be considered as defects and evaluated precisely according to the degree of expression. These include all mistakes occurring generally with hounds, too short or excessively large head, above the rounded skull, no pigmented nose, square muzzle, overshot or undershot jaw, lips too pendulous, eyes bright and bulging, ears set high, wide , short or too flat, very short neck or dewlap, cylindrical body.