Wire-haired pointing griffon Korthals


Wire-haired pointing griffon Korthals - Group VII - Pointing Dogs, Section 1.3. Continental Pointing Dogs, « Griffon » type.

General Appearance:

Good-natured, sensitive but also proud dog, devoted to its owner it is responsible for its territory that it watches what is very unusual for most of the hunting dogs. It gets well with children. It is not only an excellent hunting dog, a versatile hunter usable as a tracking hound, but also a great social dog. Mostly it retains virtually puppy playfulness to the relatively high age. It is always cheerful, friendly, cute and joyful by behaviour. It gets well with dogs and also pets (pets).


It is intelligent dog and its education and training does not make much trouble, owner must be consistent. Any coercive methods - Parfos type of training its owner cannot use. By nature, it is an ardent retriever. It behaves quite differently at home than at work. While in the house or apartment with a comfortable it is lazy it cannot be disturbed by anything from outdoors, it begins to live, full of temperament and hunting passion outside. When it is hunting there is no problem to work in any difficult terrain and challenging weather.

Its relationship with the owner and the family is so tight that it is in no way for this breed to live all mits life in outdoor kennel. Psychologically it would suffer because it will feel like the ejection from the pack. If it is not used as a hunting dog that is daily getting into hunting game it requires plenty of exercise it needs hearty walks, preferably in nature.


This is a medium sized dog hefty durable rectangular format of the body. The height at withers male is from 55 to 60cm and female is 50-55 cm.

The head is large, long, covered with a hard, dense but not too long hair forming beard and eyebrows. The skull is not too broad when viewed from the side should be its top line in the imaginary extension of the line of the muzzle.

The frontal slope (stop) is not steep. The muzzle should be long and angular. It is equal in length to the skull. Muzzle should be slightly arched (a mild form down faced). The nose must be brown.

The eyes are large and round, shaded but not covered brow, intelligent expression dark yellow or brown colour. Ears should be medium-sized, in line at the eye, may never be spirally twisted or create any folds must cling to the surface of the head. They are covered with short hair, which is the mixing of larger or smaller amounts of longer guard hairs.

The neck should be moderately long, without dewlap on the throat. Back is strong. Loins should be fixed. The tail must be covered with dense hair, but on the bottom side must form a "brush". It can be carried horizontally or slightly upward pointing tip shortened by 1/3 or 1/4.

Chest requires deep, not too wide. Ribs should be slightly arched. The front legs are straight, strong, covered with thick hair, even when in motion parallel to each other, blades fit close to the chest, to be rather long, very oblique. The hindquarters are heavily coated. Thighs should be long and muscular, hocks bent appropriately. Feet should be round strong, arched and tight.

The hair is rough and hard by the touch it reminds hair of wild pig, should never be curly or wavy. Layer of the hard outer coat is soft and dense undercoat. Colour is steel grey with brown patches liver or liver brown uniform, often liver brown hairs mingled with white or brown roan, red or sprayed. Admissible is also the colour of white-brown and white and orange.