Pudelpointer - Group VII - Pointing Dogs, Section 1.1 - Continental Pointing Dogs.

General Appearance:

Its character terms of balanced and calm dog that is never cowardly or aggressive. Its reactions are responding to various stimuli under all circumstances. The hunting instinct is strongly developed, and it never performs any fear before the game or after the shot. It may not only be appreciated by versatile hunting dog, but also an excellent man's companion.

With people it has a cordial relationship. Its behaviour is calm and dignified. It is never aggressive to other dogs, suitable for children, and without the hassle of getting used to other small pets. Unlike many other hunting breeds it can also watch and guard effectively to defend the owner.


It is handy, friendly and no harsh methods are needed during its training. It's easy to train. If the owner kindly consistent, dog is very affectionate and loves its owner. It is mature relatively late, at the age of two years, which means that during the education and training is not advisable to rush.

It is an ideal, versatile hunting dog retrieving willingly, it especially likes going and working into the water. In all types of games it works very well, with great quantities of high quality work. It has an excellent sense of smell, its quest is spacious and issuing fixed. It should not spend its life in a kennel. It needs lots of exercise and regular physical load. If it is not in the hands of hunters who take it almost every day to hunting grounds, it is particularly suitable for sports-minded owners who are able to work with it at least once a day to complete a long walk in the countryside.


The ratio between length of body and height at the withers is 10: 9. Height at withers, male is from  60 to 68 cm and  females is from 55 to 63 cm.

The head should be balanced ratio between its length and width should be harmonious and generally must be in accordance with the size and sex of the individual. The skull is flat above, only slightly rounded at the sides, moderately broad. Its length is equal to the length of the muzzle. Browridges stand out clearly, stop is steep.

The muzzle must be of adequate length and width must not be narrow or pointed at the end. The nasal bridge is straight, the nose strongly pigmented, its colour must match the coat colour. The nostrils are wide open. Lips adjacent to the jaw and teeth should not be pendulous or even salivating. The teeth are large. Jaws are powerful. It requires a regular and complete scissor bite. Teeth should be complete, consisting of 42 teeth.

The eyes are large, dark amber colour. Their view is alive. Eyelids tightly fitting to the eyeballs and are thickly coated. The earlobes are set high, hanging, medium length, the area adjacent to the head, never fleshy, densely feathered and on the tops slightly rounded.

The neck is moderately long, powerfully muscled. The neck is slightly arched, with a dry throat without dewlap. Topline of the body should be straight, distinct withers, back short and straight, solid, muscular. Loins are heavily muscled, croup is medium long, gently sloping and very muscular. The tail should be absolutely seamless continuation of the topline of the body is straight and not be carried erect. It is covered by hard coat that forms on the underside of the "fringe". If a reduced because hunting use, must reach in bitches for at least the lower edge of the vulva and dogs has obscure testicles. The original length must then reach the hock is straight or slightly curved sabre up and carried slightly above the topline of the body.

The chest should be broad and deep with properly sprung ribs, but they should never be barrel-shaped. The bottom line of the body when viewed from the side towards the rear slightly rises and forms a graceful curve, the belly is tucked up. The forelegs are seen from the front straight and parallel, viewed from the side must be straight, vertical to ground. Bones and joints have to be massive. Blades fit tightly to his chest and heavily muscled. The shoulder bones are long, due dryly muscled. Elbows are close to the chest and not to be turning in or out. Forearms are long, very muscular, lean and vertical to ground. Wrists should be strong, pasterns when viewed from the top down slightly sloped paws round to oval. Tight with strong and solid padded. Coat the toes should not be too long.

Hindquarters seen from the rear straight and parallel to each other are powerfully muscled with strong bones. Thighs should be long, wide, muscular, knees strong, moderately bent, legs, tight, with strong muscles and tendons, hocks massive, properly bent, short vamp, vertical to ground, paws same as forefeet. Coat the toes should not be too long.

Skin is strong, adjacent to the skeletal muscle and subcutaneous tissue does not form loose folds. The coat should be harsh, closed, contiguous, medium and long rough to the touch, soft undercoat. On the head forming the beard and the "wig", the threads of the bottling like wood shavings on the belly is close and dense. Hard and dense fur is the best protection against the cold and injuries. Colouration is uniformly brown, light brown or black. Small white markings are permissible.