Irish Wolfhound


Irish Wolfhound - Group X - Sighthounds, Section 2 - Rough-haired Sighthounds.

General Appearance:

It is coming from the previous sharp hunting dog. Today it is decidedly modest social dog-friendly behaviour, serene, calm, patient, but also tenacious, confident, well aware of its physical superiority and ready to work hard to defend if it was attacked. In normal situations, it is its actions perfectly noble, balanced and exudes a kind of self-confidence and well-defined perspective. Conflict situation it never causes itself, but if it gets into them, dog can be unexpectedly tough and strong. To strangers, even though it keeps them from a certain distance. To other dogs it is treated favourably. Its owner and his family it is fully devoted and absolutely loyal, loves children and particularly to small it is very considerate.


It is easy to train, with enough patience and consistency to handle training and novice owner. It is necessary to teach the dog at an early age to walk on a leash at owner’s leg and calmly without pulling. Like every Greyhound it requires plenty of exercise, but in the wild should not be viewed freely, deeply encoded hunting instincts are still visible. There is early necessity of long walks on a leash, which can be effective fitness training for a possible race. Because of its relationship to the family should not be kept in an outdoor kennel in the house, however, it is very demanding of space.


It's big, well-muscled dog powerful, elegant conformation, lively movement. In any case there must be a majestic impression, never clumsy or awkward. The format of the body should be rectangular and the height at the withers should be at least , ma le is  79 cm for female it is  min. 71 cm. Desirable however, height at withers, ma le is  from 81 to 86 cm, while the cardinality however, overall balance and mobility must necessarily be retained. Females should be smaller, but it is desirable to be larger than that minimum standard. The minimum body weight for dogs is about 54.4 kg for females and about 40.5 kg.

The head should be carried horizontally high, long and moderately, but not excessively wide. The brows are indicated, must never be excessive. Between the eyes is shallow front furrow. The muzzle should be long and pointed.

Jaws should be strong, desirable is scissor bite, pincer is also permissible. Lips should not have borders other than black colour. The nose has to be big and always black. Eyes should be dark colour, may never be bright. Pink or liver brown eye rims are undesirable. Ears must be small, folded back and must never be large, desktop suspended.

The neck should be fairly long, very strong, muscular, pretty in her neck arched, always without any dewlap and loose skin on the neck. Body requires a long, upper body lines when viewed from the side, first slightly behind the withers and falls, then rises slightly towards the loin. The back must be longer rather than shorter, must never be uttered or completely flat. Loin slightly arched croup between the hip bumps to be broad. The tail should be long, slightly curved, suitably strong and well coated. It should never be too twisted.

The chest must be sufficiently deep, fairly broad. Ribs should be well developed and properly arched. Forechest be viewed from the front moderately wide. Belly must be pretty cut up.

The forelegs must not be crooked. They are oblique, well muscled shoulder blades, so the shoulders accentuate the width of the chest. Fixed elbows close to the body and may not be turned in or out. Forearms must be properly muscled, strong bones, perfectly straight. Soft (i.e. is stepped down) pasterns are defective.

The hindquarters must in no case be weak, insufficiently muscled. They have a long and very muscular thighs, knees must be adequately bent, legs muscular, long and strong. Hocks low to the substrate and can not be viewed from the rear or convergent or divergent. Paws are large and round, always have directed forward and must be neither turned in nor out. Fingers must be tightly closed, bony, arched with strong claws.

The hair is rough and hard on body, legs and head, wiry over eyes and lower jaw. It is permissible coat colour grey, brindle, red, black, pure white, red deer and any other occurring by the Scottish Deer dog.