Field Spaniel


Flushing, Retrievers and Water Dogs Group VIII

General Appearance:

It is usually docile and quite naturally, supposedly most obedient of all Spaniels. It is a modest, manageable, nice, calm, industrious, hardworking, sensitive, affectionate and playful. It usually chooses from the owner´s  family only one person, which is literally clamped, it has a certain tendency to be a dog, "one master", but also the other members of the family are welcoming. It is very well tolerated with children; it likes to participate in their games.
It is used as a hunting dog-leash. During hunting and when hunting it is very self-sufficient and applies here its temperament.

Temperament & Behaviour:

Due to its character it is handy and easy trained. It is suitable for beginners. The basis of education must be hospitable and welcoming attitude. Any harsh handling is not necessary, but it even can mentally destroyed this breed.

It needs plenty of exercise; long walks are necessary in the countryside at least once or twice a week. Although as a hunting breed tends to pry, almost innate obedience and fixation to the owner it will not allow to move away entirely from its influence. Coat requires regular care. Definitely it must not be in outdoor pens, because without human contact is unhappy.


Field Spaniel is perfectly balanced, noble, upstanding hunting spaniel rectangular body frame. The skeleton of its body, guaranteeing perfect agility and endurance. |Height at withers is in average 46 cm, body weight ranges 18-25 kg.

The head is very noble and typical, finely chiselled, with a strong occiput. Under the eyes is narrower than the skull, and generally should not be too wide. Browridges project slightly, the front slope (stop) is neither too steep nor too slow, but it has to be clearly defined. Muzzle should be elongated and narrow, should never be pointed at the end, or downright square.

The eyes are almond-shaped, wide-open, tight eyelids, whose edges do not reveal even a piece of the conjunctiva.

The earlobes should be set low, hanging, moderately long and wide, heavily feathered. Jaws strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite.

The neck should be strong, long and muscular. It allows to dogs to work without special efforts with its nose on the ground. The chest should be deep, adequately spacious, with well sprung ribs. Back is strong, straight and muscular shoulders as well.

The forelegs are long, sloping shoulder blade with the tops pointing upwards and backwards. Their spare parts (from the elbow to the ground) are of medium length, straight, flat bones. The hindquarters should be strong and muscular, knees bent properly, hocks low to the substrate. Both limbs paws are round, closed (with tightly closed toes), thickly padded and may never be too small.

Tail is usually docked. The hair is long, fitting, smooth, silky in texture, never be curly, short or wiry. It should be thick and waterproof. Longer and is particularly rich in hair from the front of the chest, under body behind the legs, but clean from hocks to ground. Colouring can be black, brown or liver roan. The iris should be dark hazel colour.