Tonkinese Cat

FIFe abbreviation:
Place of Origin:
Burmese Cat, Siamese Cat
Breed type:
Short-haired Cat
Body type:
Flexible, slightly oriental
2.5 - 5.5 kg
Colour varieties:
With dark blue, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream and tortoise badges, with or without

History: The first brown cat was imported from Burma to San Francisco it was named Wong Mau. It was a breed of a Tonkinese Cat. Wong Mau was matted with the Siamese Cat, and the result was a brown boy that was matted with his mother again. In this litter there were kittens with Siamese, Tonkin and Burmese appearance. Kittens were showing the features of the Tonkinese breed these ones were eliminated from the breeding, because the Americans wanted to attract mainly Burmese individuals.

In the 1980s, Siamese and Burmese cats began being matted again in order to regain the attractive appearance of the Tonkinese Cats.

Nature: Tonkinese Cats like humans company so much. They love when they are in the centre of attention. They suffer when they must be alone. They are inquisitive and intelligent cats. This makes it easy to learn how to get or walk with harness. Cats of this breed are almost always well-tuned. They're getting very well with other cats and dogs, and with kids. Although they are not as busy as Siamese, they often use their voice.

Body: The body of Tonkinese Cat it is something between slender Siamese and fuller Burmese cats. They must be well muscled. The legs are long and slender. The hind legs are slightly longer. The tail is as long as the body. The root is strong and tapers to the tip. The wedge-shaped head has a dull mouth and distinct pads for tactile hairs. Ears are oval in shape. The eyes are set relatively apart and have an almond-to-slightly oriental shape.

Coat: Coat of Tonkinese Cat is short and fitting well. The coat by touch is soft and silky.

Care: The hair of a Tonkinese cat must be brushed once a week with a fine brush and polish with a suede cloth. It can make shine of its coat. The sharp ends of the claws should be cut regularly and the ear should be cleaned.

Colour varieties: Tonkinese cats have distinctive badges, far darker in colour than Siamese Cats. They can be recognized in all possible colours and patterns that are also found by Siamese Cats. The colour of eyes´ colour is between blue Siamese and yellow Burmese Cats. It's called aquamarine.

In 2017, FIFe registered Tonkinese cats among recognized breeds!