Tibetan Spaniel


Tibetan Spaniel - Group XI. - Companion and Toy Dogs - Tibetan breeds.

General Appearance:

Its character is a cheerful, optimistic based dog confident demeanour, extremely intelligent, quick-witted and clever, charming, literally, devoted owner, reserved to strangers, wary, but also due to its courageous, faithful. It is also a further independent, at home very playful and active. It is able to behave mischievously, but also dignified and distant.

No wonder it is said in its character is like a dog, a cat and a monkey. Its relationship with the owner and family members is better when more time it can spend with them. It is not the best breed for permanent stay in the outdoor kennel. It feels and wants to be full-fledged members of the family "pack" it is the happiest.

As an excellent watchdog barking timely it announces the arrival of a stranger, and all unusual, what is happening in the area. It is not barking much. Despite the shortened limbs, it is very agile and fast.

If it is properly socialized at an early age, it can get well with other dogs and a variety of small domestic animals -pets. Its relationship with the children is generally good. It is a suitable friend but especially for older and informed owners, who must respect its personality. It is said it is a big dog in a small body.


It is docile and its education, therefore, it does not usually make more trouble however it must be consistent graciously. Who cannot be consistent with there may have some problems. Problems can appear at its tendency to take a leading position in society, extremely sharp effort to protect the "pack" against strangers, less tolerance for children and a tendency to aggression to other dogs.

Although it is a small dog, which may seem easy to handle, it is not suitable for all people. Its owners should not be insecure people, often changing opinion and demands, distracted and indecisive. However, if the owner does not neglect the necessary socialization and owner is able to avoid basic mistakes in education, this person can have a deal and unusual companion.

It is similar about its training. It is not totally frugal, but not particularly difficult. There must be absolutely uncompromising consistency. It teaches basically easy, but it must want. Trainer makes it prove probably by positive motivation (praise, treats) involve – e.g. the fact that the training is the game. With absolute obedience, however, nobody can count.


It's a small, agile and perfectly balanced overall look. There is length slightly larger than height at withers, male and female is 25.4 cm and an ideal weight of body is from 4.1 to 6.8 kg.

The head is compared to the size of the body relatively small proud carriage. Appearance dogs (male) have to be decidedly masculine, but not rough.

The eyes are dark brown, oval, bright and expressive, medium size, set fairly far apart, but pointing straight ahead. The eyelid rims should be black.

Ears should be of medium size, hanging, in adults richly feathered fairly high. Desirably, slightly angled forward weaned from the head, the front edges just touching cheeks. Large, heavy or low set lobe is atypical.

The tail should be high, heavily furred, the motion carried happily curled over the back. If there is still hanging down, it's not penalized.

The top coat is silky in texture, in the face and front legs short, medium length on the body, but rather smoothly fitting. The undercoat must be soft and dense. Ears, back of front legs, tail and hamstrings are rich and long hair. Its look, however, the coat should not be too rich. Females tend to be less hairy and not so conspicuous "mane". All colours and combinations are possible.