Tibetan terrier


Tibetan Terrier Group XI. - Companion and Toys Dogs - Tibetan breeds.

General Appearance:

Although Tibetan terrier may at first look seem to be a bit lively toy, it is a lively, very watchful and courageous. If necessary it is very strong dog, attentive watcher, presence of anyone it is claiming by loud barking.

The stranger is restrained even distrustful. Its affection nobody stranger can   get easily. It decides exclusively itself whom devotes its favour. But it is never gratuitously hostile or offensive. To owner is always nice and it is fully committed. Character is an open, balanced, thoughtful and very responsive, perfectly senses the mood of a person.


Its education that is made with the right approach, based on the kind of consistency there is not bigger problem it is nice just used correct intonation.

Because it is intelligent, docile and playful dog, it understands well with children, because it loves movement, ideal companion of their games. It needs a lot of movement. Besides long walks it can also retrieve or do different sports, e.g. agility. Due to its innate speed and agility it is particularly suitable.


It's a medium-sized, robust, long-haired dog, square body with a determined and decisive expression on its face. The distance from the withers to tail equals height at withers. Male is   from 35.6 to 40.6 cm, females are slightly smaller.

The head is covered with profuse and long hair falling forward, which, however, should not obscure the eyes and prevent the dog a good view. On the lower jaw must be small adjoining, but never overly big beard, which adds the word for emphasis. Lower jaw must be adequately strong teeth are arranged in a slight curve, evenly spaced and set square to the jaws. A scissor bite or undershot jaw tight is required.

The eyes are large and round protruding or sunken, saved quite far apart, dark brown colour. The eyelid rims should be black. The earlobes are set high, hanging, "V", heavily feathered. They should not be too large and do not cling too tightly to the head.

The tail should be moderately long, set high and relatively happily (upward) supported, flipped over the stern and shoulders very heavily furred. Bend a hook at the end is a common and acceptable.

The chest is so deep that it reaches a lot. It consist reasonably flexible ribs. Last extends far back distance from last rib to hip should be short, so that the body is compact.

Top coat is profuse, fine but not silky or woolly. It must be a long, straight or wavy, but not curly. The undercoat is soft and woolly. Coat colour may be white, golden, cream, grey or smoke, black and tricolour bicolour. Permissible fact any colour except chocolate or liver brown.