Group VI. – Scent hounds and related breeds, Section 1 - Small- sized Hounds

General Appearance:

It is a gentle, fearless, cheerful. It devotes its owner, eternally grateful. It used to be packed hound, and if owner of this pack noticed it, praised it, it was incredible feeling for this breed.

In all respects, it is a nice and considerate companion. If it has permanent contact with the owner, unless it is made to live permanently in an outdoor kennel (where, if alone it is unhappy because it is sociable individual), it is a sensitive dog, floppy, faithful and loyal, always willing to do all commands, but not slavishly obedient.

We should remember this hound is scent hound dog that must decide itself during the work, we cannot accept blind obedience because it is not possible Beagle is also very bright, in all respects, absolutely reliable, intelligent and even-tempered, affectionate and alert, without the slightest aggression or timidity. But its origins is hunting soul.


Never any drastic methods of training it is absolutely impossible with such a sensitive and loving breed, it would be counterproductive (the result it will be timid, fearful, sad dog), but Beagle due to its susceptibility perfectly responds to voice intonation. It perfectly distinguishes commands and praising.


This is a medium size, rather small, robust and compact dog acting impression of strength, but it certainly should never be too heavy (coarse). Height at withers is 33-40 cm.

The head is of moderate length, strong, but not coarse - for females gentler, always without skin wrinkles. Skull should be slightly above domed, moderately wide, with slight peak.

Nose broad, preferably black-coloured, but in dogs with lighter coat colour acceptable in lighter pigmentation. The nostrils are wide open.

Strong jaws with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, which means that upper teeth closely overlapping down teeth, both of which are fixed in the jaws.

Eyes should be dark brown or hazel (colour hazelnut), proper size, neither sunken nor bulging, quite apart deposited in orbit gentle, kind and completely sincere expression.

The earlobes are long, rounded tops. Stretched ahead without any violence they reach almost to the tip of the nose. They should be set low, fine, suspended and supported so that the front edge closely fitting to the cheek.

The tail is thick, medium length, set high, brightly (i.e. Up) carried but not curled over the back or from the root forward flipped. It should be profusely covered with hair, especially on underside.

The chest should be deep enough that when viewed from the side reaching to below elbows. The forelegs are straight, vertical to ground, appropriately strong, with bones that are on an imaginary circular cross section and toward the feet does not diminish.

The hindquarters are muscular thighs and angulated, strong and parallel knees and hocks pointing straight backwards, i.e. either convergent or divergent, low over the base.

Feet are firm, round ("cat"), a closed arched, thickly padded. Called. Hare-shaped (oval-shaped) are considered highly undesirable. Nails should be short.

The coat is short, dense, well-protect a dog or bitch from rain and water. Its colour may be a tricolour (white with tan and black), blue, white and tan, badger, rabbit, lemon yellow, yellow-white, red-white, tan and white, black and white, uniformly white. Besides the latter must generate all the other colours mottled coloration. No others are not permitted. The tip of the tail is white.