American Bulldog


N - FCI recognized breeds.

General Appearance:

It's a versatile working dog, suitable e.g. as cattle  dog and pig herding guard and hunting dog and it is  totally reliable, extremely courageous,  faithful to its owner and wholly loyal  to community. It is intelligent and inquisitive, bold and fearless without undue showed signs of hostility or overly aggressive. Cowardice, extreme shyness or a malignancy is highly undesirable by this breed, gratuitous aggression to other dogs and strangers with dog, it is absolutely inadmissible.


Essential, however, it is systematic and wide early socialization and sweet, but totally consistent training. Dog is bursting with energy and it still needs a suitable job. Suitable for any work that is requiring strength, agility, reliability, and powerful jaws. Each activity it focuses on the maximum commitment and effort.

It must be always and under all circumstances perfectly controllable. There is not the best breed for beginners. Its owner must be in training not only perfectly consistent, but also calm, purposeful, deliberate, gifted by natural authority. It is also advisable to walk with it  on a leash during  walks it must be about half a step behind the owner, because according to the laws of the dog pack it  goes on pack  forehead always α-individual.


It's strong, athletic dog of medium size with strong skeleton and powerful muscles. Differences between the sexes must be obvious at first sight. Males are noticeably larger and more muscular than females. Body frame should be short rectangular, height at the withers male is from 56 to 69 cm and female is 51 - 63.5 cm. Weight of body is 34-57 kg for male and 27 - 45.5 kg for female. But size is not critical. Important is the strength of the individual, its agility and fitness for work. Balanced overall appearance counts.

The head should be large and broad, very strong, headed wider than taller. When viewed from the side, the top lines of the skull in the imaginary extension of the line of the muzzle, the distance between the two is given by the height of the front slope (stop). The skull is large, the above flat, deep, and between the auricles appropriately wide, when viewed from above square. Longitudinal furrow has to be between the eyes deep, to the occipital part to the depth decreases. Cheeks protrude sideways. Stop is steep, very deep (high), so the muzzle forms almost a right angle.

Muzzle should be broad and powerful, toward the nose very slightly tapering. The nose is large, wide open nostrils, it can be any colour but dark pigmentation is preferred. Lips are reasonably strong, but not pendulous. Brad must be pronounced and her upper lip must not exceed nor obscure. Teeth should be complete teeth require large, regularly arranged in line, white. The preferred type of bite is undershot jaw, scissor bite is accepted, pincer and too big undershot jaw is considered a defect reducing job opportunities individual. When closed, the mouth must be visible teeth. Worn or broken teeth are tolerated.

Eyes should be medium-sized, round and quite far apart saved. They can be any colour, but brown is preferred. The conjunctiva must not be apparent. The edges of the eyelids must be dark.

The skin may be cropped, but preference is given undocked. They should be small to medium-sized, set high, and may be suspended, tilted forward or backward folded. Suspended are set at the upper line of the skull and emphasize its width. At the base are easily rotated forward and fit snugly against the front edge of the cheeks, the tops should be rounded. Stretched to the eyes do not extend beyond the outer eye corners. Semi-erect and sizes are setting the same as hanging, only their tops must be banked forward. Folded back the pinna must be small, set high.

The neck must be so strong that the dog was able to demolish a beast long enough to clearly transmit power as a lever, and so short as to be a source of sufficient strength. It is muscular and at the widest point almost as wide as the head, the neck slightly arched. From shoulder to its head slightly tapered. On the neck may be a small adjoining lobe.

Section of topline is sloping gently down to significant withers towards the rear. The chest should be deep and moderately broad. The ribs are markedly arched spine, flatly near the sternum and give it an appropriate depth so that adult male and female reaches min. at elbow level or lower. Flanks must be adequately rolled up, fixed.

The forelegs are boned, very muscular, viewed from the front perpendicular to the substrate or can, especially for individuals with a very broad chest, be slightly convex. They have strong, strongly muscled, adequately sloping shoulder blade. Elbows pointing straight backwards, must not be turning in or out. Pasterns should be short, strong, viewed from the side, slightly angled when viewed from the front forms a straight continuation of the forearm.

The hindquarters should be very muscular, broad, their strength and angulations must match the strength and forequarters. Thighs are very powerful, broad, clearly rendered muscle relief. Lower leg should be short and muscular, hocks when viewed from the side of the low basis, the fetlocks when viewed from the side perpendicular to the substrate when viewed from behind straight and parallel. Feet are round, reasonable size, with arched and tight toes.

The loin is short, broad, slightly arched and flow into a wide, muscular, slightly sloping croup. The tail may be docked or naturally long, but prefers unabridged. At the root it is very strong, towards the tip tapers. It should be low set at the end of a bent rod pump (the preferred), in the heat of passion carried awake and calm suspended between the rear legs.

The coat is short, smooth, contiguous and stiff by the touch. Its colour may be uniform or patchy, in various combinations, except the black uniform and uniformly blue tricolour. Deep black colour can be dark part annealing on a light background and yellow at the tips of hair, which either arise spot colours red deer, black or bright colours of hair ends. Scars from fair fight there is not any point for disqualification.