White Swiss Shepherd Dog


White Swiss Shepherd Group I. - Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, Section 1 - Sheepdogs. Recognized in 2003.

General Appearance:

White Shepherd is lively, intelligent, docile, alert and intelligent dog that is never nervous. Its character is balanced and friendly, very affectionate, sociable. When training is appropriate it is obedient, willing and eager to work.

Temperament / Behaviour:

There is no problem with its training if it is nice and kind. It should not be permanently kept in an outdoor kennel, it needs frequent contact with the owner and owner´s family members. If it cannot stay with them, it mentally suffers.

With strangers is not problem, but it never shows shyness or aggression. It usually tolerates children and it does not seek conflict with dogs, or other animals, but it is necessary that it could get used since young age. Early socialization is essential.

It needs plenty of exercise, long walks are necessary. If it is at all times reliably calling back, it can move freely, it does not tend to run away. It is also possible running along the bike moving at a reasonable speed and fetching. Necessary are also mental activities, such as sports training, obedience, agility, etc.

Adequate attention should also be given nutrition during periods of intense growth and dentition milk for permanent, not only in quantity but also in quality, and especially the content of food. Especially with fast-growing individuals is essential grant calcium rapidly and well utilizable form chondro-protectives and vitamin C. We must be sure with favourable development and condition of the motion system. Yellowish shades are not acceptable, we should not feed by a long-term supplementary feed containing beta-carotene, where is used as a source of fibre the carrots.


This is a strong, powerfully muscled, medium-sized dog of a rectangular. Shape of body must be elegant and harmonious, skeleton reasonably strong.

Height at withers males is 60 to 66 cm for females 55 to 61 cm. Weight of body ranging from 30 to 40 kg for males and 25-35 kg for females.

The head is strong and clean, has a wedge shape. Size corresponds to the size of the body. Topline of skull is parallel with the line of the muzzle. The skull should be slightly rounded, with a noticeable longitudinal front furrow. The frontal slope is very gradual, but noticeable.

The muzzle should be strong, toward the nose narrows slightly in relation to the skull should be fairly long. Nasal bridge and lower edge of the muzzle is straight and both lines are toward the nose slightly convex. The nose should be a medium-sized, black-pigmented, seasonal (winter) getting white or pale in colour, it is acceptable.

The earlobes are set high, large, erect, elongated triangular shape with slightly rounded tops, parallel and pointing forward.

Lips are dry and tight fitting to the jaws and teeth. The edges should be completely black. Requested is a powerful and complete dentition scissor bite, the teeth must fit vertically in the jaws.

Eyes are medium sized, almond shaped, slightly oblique, with irises brown to dark brown in colour. Eyelids tight fitting to the eyeballs and their edges should be black.

The neck is moderately long, very muscular, harmoniously with body. Neck should be gracefully arched and flows into a rather high carried head and withers. The body must be strong, muscular, medium length, pronounced withers, back straight, firm. Loins are strongly muscled, croup is long, wide and moderately towards the root of the tail slightly inclined.

The tail should be set rather low, around bushy towards the tip tapers. It reaches at least to the hocks. The rest is suspended, straight or slightly sickle lower third hooked up, the move higher carried, but never above the topline of the body.

Chest not too wide, but it has to be deep. It has an oval shape and ribs reaching far back. The chest is viewed from the side pronounced weaknesses are strong, narrow, the abdomen should be slightly tucked.

Limbs must be strong, wiry, moderately strong bones. Thoracic level and pose must to be fairly broad. Shoulders should be long, oblique, and very muscular. The shoulder bones are sufficiently long, powerfully muscled. Elbows close to the body, forearms must be long, straight, sinewy, pasterns strong and slightly angled.

Hind legs are straight and parallel to each other, its pose should not be too wide. The thighs are moderately long, very muscular, legs moderate length, oblique, strong bones, very muscular. Hocks should be strong, properly bent, smooth, sinewy dry.

Dewclaws should be removed (except in those countries where the act is prohibited by law on protection of animals). Feet should be oval in shape, on the hind legs slightly longer than the fore. Toes are tight, and appropriately arched, durable, black-coloured padded feet. Dark nails are requested. Movement should be rhythmic, steady and persistent.

Coat should be moderately long, short or long, dense and tightly formed outer coat and woolly undercoat. Rough hair is permitted. Coat colour cannot be other than white. Coat requires, particularly in individuals living in cities, regular maintenance and bathing using quality cosmetics (comprising exclusively vegetable oils).


the standard must be considered a fault and accurately assessed according to the degree of expression. To negative defects counts fearfulness or aggression, one eye or both eyes blue, eyes bulging, entropion, ectropion, overshot or undershot jaw, bite irregular or wry, complete depigmentation of the nose, lip edges and / or eyelids, a complete lack of pigment in leather and paw pads , albinism (with red coloured irises).