Ukrainian Hound - Taigan


N - FCI recognized breeds Taigan // Ukrainan Hound.

General Appearance:

Its character is calm, reserved, distant, introverted and self-confident but also a very sensitive dog. When hunting it behaves totally independently and with great attention, on the contrary, it is mild, gentle and affectionate at home.

Training/ Behaviour:

By this breed you cannot accept a blind obedience. Not suitable for everybody who likes it. The owner needs to be a quiet, gentle, utterly consistent, but benign, patient and persevering, endowed with natural authority and the ability to empathize with the dog's psyche. It is essential to the widest possible early socialization involving peaceful and gradual acclimatization diverse environment, strangers, other dogs and other animals. The hunting instinct is so powerful that every living creature escaping it attempts, if the opportunity to hunt, chase, kill. Therefore, it can never be unleashed on walks, it must be always leashed.


It's a big dog fixed frame, lean body, with elongated, very powerful muscles especially on the thighs. The height at withers, male is 65-75 cm for females by about 4 cm less.

The head is dry, when viewed from above has the shape of an elongated wedge with a relatively broad skull. Occipital part is not very pronounced almost protruding brow ridges. The frontal slope (stop) is a gentle, faintly outlined.

Muzzle should be dry, pointed, slightly flattened from the sides. Muzzle can be arched, black nose, but in subjects with light coloured hair may have the colour of coffee with milk. Lips are thin and tight fitting to the jaws and teeth. They should be white, solid, arranged close together. Desirable is a scissor bite.

The eyes are large, oval shaped, slanted, brown different hue. For any coat colour must be on the edges of the eyelids dark pigmentation.

The earlobes are thin, rather narrow, little one, low, folded back along the neck. In most subjects with excitement during lift off, so the tops are facing forward or sideways. The neck is long and muscular, the sides flattened, carried high.

Withers must be well marked. The back should be broad, very muscular. Chest has an imaginary oval cross-section shape and reaches almost to the elbows. Tummy tuck significantly, weaknesses are rolled up.

The forelegs should be dry, strong bones, muscular. It is seen from the front straight and parallel to each other. The forearm should be on the imaginary cross-sectional oval. Wrists are short, slightly slanted.

The hindquarters should be dry, strong and long bones, muscular. Seen from the rear straight and parallel, viewed from the proper angulations. Hocks should be strong fetlocks nearly  vertical to ground  when viewed from behind should be their stance wide, when viewed from the side slightly shifted backward. Feet should be oval, round rather front, rear oblong, with fingers tightly-knit, arched.

Well muscled shoulders arched forms a very high arch. The croup is long, wide, gently sloping.

The tail is long, like sabre, at the end can be curled into the ring. The rest is suspended. The motion is carried above the top line of the body, but must be raised vertically.

Skin should be thin, elastic without any wrinkles. Feathering on the body consists of a flexible, equal to about 2.5 cm long guard hairs. On the back of the thighs has longer hair loose and allowed them too thick and not very long "Flag" from the bottom of the tail. The undercoat is missing in the summer, winter is not too dense.

The coat can be white, black, red, fawn different hue, red with black shading (muruga), single or with white markings, brindle. Part is permissible dotting the white areas of shade colour stains. It must have a black mask in the face. Black it is possible to touch the earlobes and the distal parts of the limbs and it is called burning light red or grey.