Parson Russell Terrier


Parson Russell Terrier - Group III. - Terriers.

General Appearance:

A hardworking, active and industrious, quick and tenacious, courageous (sometimes recklessly), friendly and very cheerful, optimistic life exuberant, intelligent  "cunning", alert, confident and independent dog. It likes the company. It is nice with children and can be a partner of their games, including wilder games. To other dogs, especially same sex it tends to act dominant, other small pets it does not mind if it was getting used to them from an early age.


Early socialization is very important. Education it does not make bigger problems if the owner respected in all circumstances, the principle of a kind of consistency. The owner must take into account the origin of the breed and respect its personality. The innate cleverness and ingenuity leads this breed often to attempt to fool in the different situations in various ways and basically endearingly owner and take the initiative, for which it would be possible to gently rebuke it, but hardly punish because it is a completely spontaneous.

As a socially-based breed needs to live in close contact with "its people" permanent housing in an outdoor kennel it is not suitable, it suffers. It is literally full of energy. Urgently it needs plenty of exercise and an opportunity to do something. Not to be bored from the lack of activities it could undertake necessary to destruction of housing facilities. It needs a lot of variety of toys, the most modern and interactive, it must entertain itself.


Overall, to be the epitome of balance and agility. It is a hardworking, active and alert, but not hyperactive. Its body shows its resilience and perseverance. Ideal height at withers is 36 cm male and for female is 33 cm.

The most important is considered strong and balanced physique typical Terrier intended for hunting foxes underground, however, which is why it must be possible to comfortably hug the palms of both hands tightly behind the shoulder, respectively forelegs. Whereas is therefore acceptable a generally smaller size. Scars from hunting do not warrant penalties. Body length, measured from the withers to the buttock on the pan exceeds height at withers, body frame is rectangular shortly.

The head has an overall wedge-shape above the skull is flat, moderately broad and towards the eyes narrowing gradually. The frontal slope (stop) should be gradual. The muzzle should be slightly shorter than the skull, the distance from the nose to the junction of the inner eye corners must be less than the distance from it to the occipital part. The nose is black.

The jaws are strong, the bottom should be well muscled. The bite required a perfect, regular, complete with six incisors above and 6 below, scissors. Upper teeth are closely overlapping down ones, both of which must be planted vertically in the jaws.

The eyes are almond-shaped, fairly deep-set, dark-coloured, wary expression.

Ears should be small, medium thickness, the shape of the letter "V" tilted forward so that their peaks reach to the outer corners of the eye. The inner edges must fit snugly across the cheeks and bends are not viewed from either side protrude above the level of the skull.

The neck is dry, muscular and moderately long. Towards shoulders, gradually expanding and they must be firmly planted. Body has to be properly balanced, back firm and straight. Loins are strong, slightly arched.

The tail is always moderately high set, carried in a upward motion, at rest can be carried below. Customarily docked, in countries where the act of law for the protection of animals is prohibited, the leaves naturally long. When docked, should be strong, straight and its length must match the size of the body. It should always allow for a firm grip, which is often a requirement for holing Terriers to allow one hand to pull the dog or the dog by the tail from its burrow. If it is not docked, it has to be reasonably long and as straight as possible. Overall balances dog is thick at the base and towards the end of the narrows.

The chest must be reasonably deep however it does not reach below the elbows. Average large hands it would be a man without difficulty hug behind the shoulders, just behind the forelegs. Ribs may be neither too rounded nor excessively flat. Last extends far back.

The forelegs are strong and straight, in normal stance must be directly under the hull, can be either divergent or convergent. Their position should be fairly broad.

The hindquarters should be strong and muscular proper angulations. Knees must be adequately but not excessively bent. The hind feet should be the same as the forequarters. Movement should be free, moderately rich ("occupying enough land"), perfectly coordinated.

Events and hind legs are pointing straight ahead. Undesirable as it is called-chopping limbs and "tap dancing" (short step at too high a stroke legs).

The hair is coarse and either hard or smooth surface adjacent, enclosed, formed naturally harsh straight guard hairs and dense undercoat with a rich, always perfectly resistant to bad weather. Belly must be coated as well as the entire lower torso.

Colouration can be uniformly white or predominantly white with tan, lemon yellow or black markings, or any combination of these colours. Preference is given to discolouration limited to the head and/or root of tail, in other parts of the body they are only permissible minimum.