Broholmer - Group II. Pinschers and Schnauzers; Molossoid breeds; Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs

General Appearance:

Its character is quiet, reasonably lively, friendly, very alert, but not aggressive. It is usually very confident, proud and distrustful towards strangers. With children it has great patience, playing however, if the owner ´s children playing with strangers, it can start to protect its”own” children, we can expect some bad feedback. It has a completely natural and usually a pronounced tendency to take the family ("pack") and provide leadership in it, e.g. In the ensuing conflict, peace and order. Therefore it is not the best breed for people who are not endowed with natural authority, or it is not able to forcefully but peacefully totally enforced.


As a small puppy should be clearly aware of who the real leader of the pack and respect the leader. The owner, of course, must under all circumstances its leadership deserve. It has, therefore, always be kind, but fierce consistent, principled and righteous. What is forbidden once, it must always be prohibited, if something it is permitted once, it cannot be otherwise forbidden. Issued command must always be satisfied if a dog obviously knows. The command, that dog does not know it is not good to required. If owner knows that dog cannot reach the command better leave it for next time.

With this breed it is necessary to communicate calmly, gently but firmly. Punishment is the way to hell. Due to its physical fund innate pride and great self-confidence would be extremely unpleasant opponent. Capital punishment may already be for a four-month three-month puppy obviously brimming with self-confidence (but for an adult) firm grip by the scruff of the neck and possibly with vigorous shaking. Each dog is a punishment well known from its own mother, so chastening it for various offenses at an early age puppy.

Due to the innate self-confidence of this breed early socialization necessary. Education must begin on the day of taking of a puppy from the very beginning kind and consistent. The breed is best suited for beginners, but not for owners who do not have adequate conditions for its possession.


It's a big dog type of English Mastiff, rectangular body frame, strong physique, moving enough, which is the personification of strength and sovereignty. The overall appearance is dominated by the typical massive bow of the body. Height at withers, male 75 cm for females about 70 cm , weight of body from 50 to 70 kg , male and 40-60 kg , female.

The head has to be massive and wide, it looks heavy. Carried in peace rather low, bent, with increased attention and alertness level. The distance from tip of nose to stop (stop) is the same as the distance from the stop to the occipital area, so that the muzzle is as long as its skull. It must be broad and rather flat above. Its top line has to be seen from the side in an imaginary extension line of the muzzle is slightly higher, depending on the depth of the track, which is not too steep.

Muzzle is required massive; both jaws should be strong and have the same length.  Permissible scissor or pincer bite allowed. The chewing muscles are prominent. The nose is rounded, black. Lips may be pendulous, but not excessively so.

The eyes are round; they should never be too big. Their expression expresses strong confidence, already in the puppy age. Iris colour is light to dark amber. The earlobes are hung, medium-sized, rather high and immediately adjacent to the cheek.

The neck should be very strong and muscular, with a slight (but not overly) dewlap. Topline of body straight, hard cock and evident, the spine is relatively long, stern moderately long, slightly sloping. The tail should set low and at the base is wide. The rest must be suspended, sickle-like slightly upward. For motion is carried above the level of the top line of the body only of affect can be above it. It should never be curled over the croup and loin or twisted. On its underside must not be even a hint of longer hair (i.e. Brush).

The chest should be broad and deep, with definite forechest (top of the sternum must be viewed from the side clearly ahead of the front edge of the shoulder joint). The forelegs are strong, straight and powerful. Their length and angulations allows free movement with enough elongated walking or trotting. Shoulder bones to be powerfully muscled. The elbows on the move close to the body. The forearm should be straight and strong. Pasterns should not be too long. Feet are round in shape, "closed".

The hindquarters should be strong and muscular, angulations, which is moving forward vigorously warranty pulse (powerful reflection) seen from the rear straight and parallel to each other. The thighs should be strong and muscular. Hocks are not too long. Feet should be called closed as forelegs. The movement is peaceful, with low head carriage. The usual way of locomotion is walking and trotting.

Skin should be ticked, thick and loose, especially at the neck. The hair must be short and close, with a thick undercoat. Its colour may be yellow with a black mask on his face, a golden reddish or black. White markings on the front chest, feet and tip of tail are permissible.

Faults above standard requirements must be considered as defects and evaluated precisely according to the degree of expression.

Defects include a lack of substance (weak body), plain chest and shallow chest, too light and elegant construction of the head and torso, very abrupt stop, very weak muzzle, too pendulous corners of the mouth, ears excessively big, too small or backward folded (as by Greyhound), tail set too high or very low, the hook bent or kinked, pasterns long and weak, "splayed" paws called cow's hindquarters (convergent hocks), move too elegant hint of "pants" behind the thighs and the "flag" on the bottom of the tail.

The disqualifying faults includes nervousness, excessive sharpness or aggression, square format of the body, a significant lack of substance (very weak body), other than black coloured nose, undershot or overshot jaw, eyes of different colours, erect ears, curled tail, long hair , unwanted hair colouring.