American Water Spaniel


VIII - Flushing, Retrievers and Water Dogs, Section 3 Water Dogs.

General Appearance:

It can be both a hunting dog, and a nice social dog that has a very nice relationship with children. It acts as tutoring during their childhood. It is a thoroughly friendly, docile and always ready to please its owners, it has downright protectionist relationship. Especially it is fixed to the person who occupies the family α-position, dog can reliably feel. Best results are achieved when working individuals whose relationship with the owner is ideal, based on mutual understanding and mutual respect.

American Water Spaniel belongs to a group of hunting dogs- it is a tracker specialized in work performance mainly to hunt aquatic game birds. It pinpoints over open water at surface and it is chasing and pushing for hunters. It is equally well applicable to work on land, where it   moves with light step in the field and forest too. It's energetic and passionate hunter that begins working actively and steadily.


It learns easily and with enthusiasm, harsh educational methods or training drill it absolutely hates. When it is training it requires kind consistency. Even a beginner can be a good owner, but must deal with dog always, so that the dog is happy and for all performances is pleased. If it is properly trained, it is easy to use this breed.
Due to its activities and requirements for physical and mental work dog requires daily training or other exercise. Permanent contact with people it is very important, and therefore it is not appropriate to keep this breed permanently in an outdoor kennel.


The American Water Spaniel is a lively, strong and noble muscular dog of medium size with curly to frizzy hair. The skeleton has to be sufficiently large and muscling significant, but it must never give the impression of being heavy or stoutness. Particular emphasis is placed on proper size, mutual harmony of all body parts, hair texture and colour. Body frame is rectangular shortly. Height at the withers is for males and females 38-46 cm, weight ranges from 13.5 to 20.5 kg for males and 11.5 - 18 kg for females.

The head size must match the total size of the body. It is reasonably long, intelligent, confident, attractive and intelligent expression. The skull should be broad enough and strong. The frontal slope (stop) is gradual, not be too steep. Muzzle should be medium length, at the end of the square and appropriately deep, cannot be sharply pointed or shallow.

The nose should be fairly broad, dark-coloured, black or dark brown, with wide open nostrils. Lips are on the edges smooth, close to the jaw and teeth, should not be loose or pendulous. Desirable is a scissor or pincer bite

Eyes are medium sized, fairly wide apart stored in an orbit slightly rounded shape. They may not be prominent. The colour of the iris can be fawn, hazel or dark brown coat colour all hue. Eyelids are tightly fitting to the eyeballs, must be free.

The earlobes are hanging, set slightly above the eye line but not too high. They have lobe shape, wide and long, so that stretched forward to reach the edge of their own nose.

The neck is on the imaginary circular cross section, of medium length, strong and muscular, without dewlap at the throat. The neck should not be significantly arched.
The body must be strong, rigid structure. Body topline is horizontal or from withers towards rear slightly sloping. The chest should be capacious, so deep that it reaches to the elbows. It must be not too broad or overly narrow. Ribs should be properly sprung, but not so much that bothered the front legs. Loins are strong. Flanks not too rolled up.

The tail is moderately long, curved arc as a rocking chair. It may be carried slightly above or below the upper line of the body. At the end is pointed, covered with hair, which is on the lower side and longer protrudes to form very strong "flag".  It should still be in live motion.

The forelegs should be medium length, straight, strong bones. Shoulders are oblique, dryly, but muscular. Wrist must be strong. Dewclaws are permissible.

The hindquarters must be strong as a poop. The hips should be properly developed, strong thighs. Hocks are slightly rounded, they may be not small or sharp contours (edges), but they must be adequately sloped. Hock should have the appropriate length. They must be strong, straight, solid bone and parallel. Feet correspond to the size of the overall size of the individual fingers are clenched, interconnected inter-digital skin duplications, thickly padded.

The hair must be curled and must not be too hard or excessively fine. It forms closed rings. Density curls on various body parts may be different. It is very important to be well developed dense undercoat, which protects the dog from the weather, cold water and thick scrubland. Scalp hair must be short and close, do not form a topknot (crest). The tail should be feathered to tip, with a hint of "flag" on the bottom. Legs are appropriately coated, covered with ringlets and curls similar to those on the hull.

The colour is uniformly liver brown, brown or dark chocolate brown, small white badges on the front chest and toes are permissible.