Rottweiler - Group II- Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.

General Appearance:

Its character is friendly and calm, basically nice dog. It is absolutely dedicated to owners, obedient, easy, hardworking, a good relationship with the children. However, it is also extremely strong and confident. Watching its surroundings with extreme caution, it remains vigilant and guard against every suspect, it is always ready to attack immediately. It is unexpectedly quick and most aggressive. Its effectiveness accentuates its physical fund and when required cardinality surprising agility. This breed does not attack for any reason. It is essentially balanced and the neighbourhood tolerant by nature aggressive but assertive and tough defender.


Its proper training is necessary, and not everyone who owns it, it is able to manage it successfully. First, it is necessary widest early socialization. Education which begins first day when puppy gets into its new home must be gently consistent. Who is not able to be consistent, it should never be the owner. The owner must be endowed with natural authority, he can at all times subtly promote negotiations with this breed It must be absolutely consistent - what is allowed by  one it  must always be allowed, what is forbidden by  one, that must be forbidden forever.

The owner must act as a true and unquestionable, strict, but absolutely fair leader of the "pack", on which it is relying on in all situations. Who it is, it has no hope to educate this breed properly. Rightfully sovereign dog cannot see from its perspective - no other choice than weak (indecisive, inconsistent and „irresponsible") to replace the leader of the pack, otherwise it in this conception threatened destruction, which should be avoided because its preservation is a basic condition for survival. Then this breed can change in difficult manageable dog that can be a nuisance to its surroundings or even dangerous, for which often, though guiltless, it can cost its life

It is not a breed for beginner - owner must be totally calm and sober. Inappropriate owner can spoilt this dog and make unpleasant companion.


It is from medium to large-sized, robust, but not cumbersome. It should not be too light, weedy or leggy. When eventually it is getting to attack it is better rather low centre of gravity over the base, which as in a collision with an opponent adds to stability. Body structure is symmetrical and stocky and it has to be clearly an expression of great strength, agility and endurance.

Height at withers, male is from 61 to 68 cm, female is from 56 to 63 cm. Weight of body, male is about  50 kg for female is about 42 kg.

The skull is of medium length, between earlobes wide. The forehead should be viewed from the side, slightly arched. The occipital part should be significant, but not excessively prominent. The frontal slope (stop) is significantly declining. Muzzle must not be in proportion to the skull nor too short or excessively long. The muzzle is level, wider at the base (under the eyes) to the nose slightly narrower. Nose is large, rather broad than round with relatively large nostrils, always black.

Lips are on the edges of black pigmented and close-fitting to the jaws and teeth. Corners of the mouth should be closed, gum as dark as possible, upper and lower jaw strong, broad. The teeth must be large teeth are required to complete, consisting of 42 teeth, correct bite.

Eyes are medium sized, almond shaped, dark brown colour. Eyelids are tight fitting to the eyeballs. Ears should be medium-sized, hanging, triangular, set high and wide apart. If they are rotated forward (in the heat of passion) adjacent the leading edge close to the head. The rear edge while projecting is seemingly expanding the skull.

The neck is thick, moderately long, well muscled, the neck slightly arched, dry without dewlap and too loose skin on the neck. The back should be straight, strong and tough. The loin is short, strong and powerful. Croup is broad, medium length, slightly rounded sloping nor completely straight, or sloping.

Tail is left naturally long and should be carried horizontally in line with the topline of the body. The rest may be suspended.

The forelegs should be seen from the front straight and their attitude must be narrow. Feet are round, toes tight and arched. The pads should be firm, nails short, black and strong. The hindquarters must be viewed from behind straight and their attitude must be narrow. In the resting position without denial backwards, there must be blunt angle. Its feet should be slightly longer than the forequarters, toes strong, well-knit and arched.

A typical and usual kind of movement is the trot. Its back remains firm for locomotion and relatively quiet. The movement is steady, confident, powerful and smooth, straight action must be spacious.

Coat consists of a top coat and undercoat and a transitional length, either too short or long, literally. The top coat should be of medium length, coarse, dense and closely adjacent undercoat must not show through it. On the back of the legs the coat is slightly longer. Colouring must be black and tan (Black with sharply defined "tan" badges). Saturated rust red markings are on the cheeks, muzzle, throat and front chest, legs, above the eyes and around the anus.