Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier


Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier- Group III - Terriers, Section 1 - Large and medium sized Terriers.

General Appearance:

Today it is mostly very likable, docile and intelligent companion dog. It is active, alert, playful, with a certain tendency to boisterousness, but also soulful, if necessary, courageous, otherwise gentle, but always appropriately confident. Thanks to its fidelity and kindly with the proprietor is a pleasant companion. Despite small size it is great companion dog. If it works it is very silent.


Although it excels less prone to excitability than other Terriers, it is always ready to go hunting, if it gets instruction from the owner or emphatically hit, threatened the owner or members of family in danger. It tends to be dominant in relation to other dogs, this should be remembered longer it is necessary in the context of early socialization, but absolutely it must rigorous education. Persons with whom the dog will be friends, it always chooses itself.

The education must be started at an early age, the day of taking puppy to it is new home, and playful. Despite the shortened limbs it loves to move, and likes to play and the example-while playing with the ball is literally tireless. If it has proper guidance and training, it can be successful in dog sports, corresponding to his physical abilities. The coat requires regular care, trimming, combing. Outside its country of origin, it is not  known too much, it is a rare breed, not at first look it is  beautiful and attractive breed  but its elegance typical of some other Terriers breeds make its owners happy ,its behavioural dispositions and truly remarkable, in a way, impressive appearance "of a larger breed in small size ".


This is a medium-sized, very strong dog with shorter legs and a medium length coat. Image must be in relation to the total size. The body is low to the ground and its length must be greater than height at withers. The format of the body is rectangular. Height at withers of male is maximum 35.5 cm for female slightly less. Weight of body, male is16 kg for female is slightly lower.

Skull should be adequately wide and fairly long. The frontal slope (stop) is distinctive, sloping. The muzzle should be strong and toward the nose. The nose is black. Jaws must be powerful, healthy teeth, regularly organized, strong and adequately large. Desirable is a scissor bite.

Eyes are brown colour, medium-sized, rounded and stored in eyecups far apart. The bright colour of the iris is the reason for the penalty. Ears should be small, still folded backwards, in the heat of passion half prick. Suspended (like Scent Hounds) or heavy (like Spitz) are undesirable.

The neck is very muscular, moderately long. The body must be profound, according length, rather deeper than longer. Topline body should be straight. Loins are strong. The tail should be strong at the root, well set on and carried gaily. It can be docked or not. In countries where docking is permitted, will be reduced to half its original length, where it is forbidden by law to protect animals, may remain naturally long.

The chest should be broad and powerful, ribs must be properly rounded. The forelegs are wide, well muscled and moderately sloping shoulder blade. Their peaks are upwards and backwards. Loose parts (from the elbow to the ground) are short, the game forearm arched (curved barrel), strong bones. Paster, along with paws may be slightly curving. Feet should be compact („closed"), and fixed with rounded padded.

The hindquarters are a source of considerable forward momentum (reflection) and must be strong and very muscular. The thighs should be well muscled, bent knees properly. Hocks must not be viewed from the rear or convergent or divergent.

Feet should be compact ( "closed"), and fixed with rounded padded. The movement should be free, spacious and light, so. Hackney (high and short limbs action) is undesirable. The coat is required moderately long, rough to the touch, with soft undercoat. It can be adjusted so that the contour lines of the body were neat.

Coat is hair-medium length, of harsh texture with soft undercoat. Coat may be tidied to present a neat outline; blue brindle but not toning to black. Wheaten are from a light wheaten colour to a golden reddish shade. Puppies may be born coloured Blue, Wheaten, or Reddish. Lighter coloured pups usually have an inky blue mask, and there may also be a streak of Blue down the back, on the tail, and on the ears. The darker markings will clear with maturity.

Faults from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and accurately assessed according to the degree of severity. Defects include hanging earlobes (like a Scent Hound), overshot or undershot jaw, and too short, straight loose parts forelegs. To negative defects counts aggression and fearfulness, black and tan coat colour and narrow muzzle. Any dog clearly showing physical or mental abnormalities shall be disqualified at the dog show.