Nederlandse kooikerhondje


Nederlandse Kooikerhondje - Group VIII - Flushing, Retrievers and Water Dogs.

General Appearance:

It's hilarious, but not noisy, sociable, friendly, affectionate, smart, intelligent, docile, but also vigilant, courageous and sensitive breed. It very depends on the owners and members of family. Own people it is utterly devoted to strangers is restrained. It does not except from children all during the game it is better to keep your eye on them .It is willing to play with them, but they have to respect it. If it had the opportunity to meet in the context of early socialisation strange dogs, cats, eventually and other pets, when the dog is older there will be no problem.

It has outstanding versatility, advocacy work and waking watchdog and chasing rodents.

It is lively and agile, it loves the movement, and therefore it is suitable for training agility or fly -ball. It handles well and obedience. It was originally used as a hunting dog - leash while hunting ducks. For this purpose, it is now no longer used rarely only, even though its job performance while significantly exceeds its body dimensions.


Education is not particularly difficult if the owner kindly but firmly, consistent and resolute. To severe penalties in training is not necessary. Training would be not only unnecessary but actually counterproductive and would undermine the relationship to the dog owner. Now with regard to the relationship with the owner in any case not permanently in outdoor pens.

It loves the water, retrieving and playing with a ball. Possibility of everyday job it welcomes with joy as well as long walks. It is thus more suitable for sporty people. Its coat requires regular care.


This is a small dog harmonious construction, almost square format, with long shiny hair colour varies that the tail forms a rich "flag". Height at withers is from 35 to 40 cm.

Head held high, the skull should be almost as long as the muzzle. It is fairly broad, slightly arched above. The frontal slope (stop) must be clearly declining, but not precipitous. When viewed from the side of the muzzle is too deep (high). The nose is black.

Muzzle should not be pendulous. Desirable considered scissor bite, pincer however, should be admissible. Cheeks should be full. The eyes are almond shaped, dark brown in colour. Their view is nice and bright.

The earlobes should be moderately large, hanging, mounted just above the imaginary extension connector tip of the nose to the outer eye corner. Fitting  to the cheek. Coat them must be white and form fringing, which extends over the edges. It is desirable that the tops of the hair coloured black.

The neck is straight and muscular. The body has a strong back and a deep chest with matching ribbed.

The forelegs are straight. Longer hair formed by "feathering" on their backsides should not be too rich.

Hindquarters back of the thighs long "pants" that ends above the hocks. Underneath it is already short hair. Hocks should be sufficiently bent. Feet: Toes, with short hair.

The tail is carried level with the topline of the body or slightly above, should never be twisted. Coat on its underside forms a distinctive flag and the end to be coloured white. If suspended, last vertebra reaching the hock.

The coat should be of medium length, straight or slightly wavy, adjacent, must never be curly or too fine, well not protrude from the body. The undercoat must be dense. Colour is white with bright red-orange patches that are sharply defined. Orange-red colour should dominate, is preferred head colour with a white muzzle, a bald forehead and cheeks red-orange.