Halden Hound


Halden Hound - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized hounds.

General Appearance:

Despite the fact it is friendly, kind and affectionate to the owner and members of his family and it could be a pleasant companion dog, hunters argue that the man´s companion does not fit for this breed, because, in their opinion, it is "real hunting dog" it cannot be a family dog. Allegedly its hunting performance is decreasing.


This is a strong, muscular but not rough dog square body frame, proud posture and head. Height at withers, male is  from 52 to 60 (ideal. 56) cm for female is from 50 to 58 (ideal. 54) cm.

The head is dry, medium sized, perfectly balanced. Skull should be viewed from the front or from the side, slightly arched above. Nose is black, with well-open nostrils.
Desirable is a scissor bite and full dentition.

Eyes should be medium-sized, dark brown, calm expression. The earlobes are suspended and should not be set too high or too low. If without violence stretched forward, they reach half the length of the muzzle.

The neck should be fairly long, strong, dryly muscled, without dewlap on the throat.

The tail must not be set or excessively high or too low, but it has to be strong enough. Rather, it is carried hanging down and reaching around the hock.

The chest must be deep, formed properly sprung but not barrel-rounded ribs. The last spare ribs have to be relatively long. The forelegs are straight, dryly muscled and strong bones. Shoulders should be long, oblique and muscular. Their peaks are protruding above the top line of the body withers lacklustre. Feet should be oval in shape, with arched, tight toes and thick feathering inter-digital part.

The hindquarters are broad and muscular thighs, knees bent properly, tibia length. Dry and wide hock not the convergent or divergent, but must be viewed from the side properly bent. Feet are the same as the forequarters. Dewclaws on the hind legs are tolerated, but are undesirable.

The top coat is rough, very dense, straight and adjacent undercoat must be very dense. Colour should be white with black spots and tan shading on the head and legs and between black spots and white base colour. Black colour must never prevail. Small black or tan spots on a white background are undesirable.