American Longhair Rex Cat

American Curl
Country of Origin:
United States
Domestic Cat
Breed Type:
Semi-longhair Cat
Body type:
3-6 kg
Colour varieties:
All colour varieties

History: The founder of the American curly cats became by black kitten found in Lakewood, California in 1981. Kitty ears back curled was named Shulamith and the same year she gave birth to four kittens, two of whom had just curled back ears. This phenomenon explored the scientist concluded that it is a spontaneous mutation in a gene responsible for twisting of the ear it was dominant. Cat lovers have therefore decided to build a breeding program to standardize mutation and early 90s, the breed in the United States was officially recognized.

This breed can interbreed itself and with other non-precious domestic cats as most resembling the breed standard American curly cats. Since the gene is inherited dominantly serpentine ears, most kittens such crossings will be with twisted ears. Ears get permanent shape until four months of age.

Temperament: For cats of this breed is characterized its focus on the man. They are curious, playful and intelligent individuals who are like part of the everyday running of their household. They like cuddling and they must be in the centre of attention. Because curly cats are balanced, it fits well into the busier households. They will get very well with other cats and they have no problem with small children or dogs.

Physique: This is a medium-sized cat. The body is elegant, it is slender and elongated. The head is slightly wedge-shaped and should be longer than wide. The most characteristic of this breed is its ears. They are less flexible than other breeds. It is directly in the head and fold the corners smoothly backwards. Their tips heading into the centre of the crown. The nose is straight, chin strong and big eyes have the shape of a walnut.

Caring of curly hair cats need weekly brushing and subsequent combing with a fine comb. Cat can sometime be bath. The sharp end of the nails should be cut regularly and ears cleaned only when necessary.

Coat: The American Curl has almost no undercoat. The coat is semi-long, tight to the body, the touch soft and silky. Tufts in the ears spins from the inside out. A positive feature there are the tufts on the top of the ear.

Colour varieties:

American Rex Cat is found in all colours and patterns. This is due to the crossing of the original cats with domestic cats with many colourful hereditary factors.