Central Asian Shepherd Dog


Central Asian Shepherd Dog - Group II. - Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.

General Appearance:

Its character is calm, serene. It predominates by this breed active defensive reaction (according to the slogan "The best defence is attack!"). It has a highly developed territorial instinct - the territory which it considers entrusted to dog for herding, it does not allow anyone to step unauthorized. It is a bold and extremely suspicious of strangers. During defence of the territory it behaves quite masterfully, hard and uncompromising. By nature it is an excellent defender of the owner, family and everything that belongs to it, preventing fiercely and effectively. Great caution is required when children play with foreign owner and the game becomes wilder or when it ignites controversy. Then it will defend its  "own" children.


To the other dogs it tends to act dominantly, so while you are walking with it, it requires maximum vigilance. Free range it can be recommended only on fenced land. It is not breed for beginners. The owner may be the only person gifted by natural authority, equipped with the appropriate experience, absolutely consistent, calm, prudent and patient. Persons mentally unstable, erratic, volatile and indecisive will not be owners. This dog will never respect this owners as a leader´s pack.

Education must be consistent, based on the good relationship set on mutual trust and respect. "Punish" only by warning. It responds by the voice and it intonation, unless it is absolutely clear and understandable. Other punishments disrupt the relationship with the owner. You cannot except blind obedience by this breed, it is supremely self-confident and independent dog . It is therefore important early systematic and widest socialization.

It excels by extreme resistance and easily adapts to different climatic conditions. It can be all year round in the outdoor pen, it may not, however, spend a lifetime. It needs frequent and longest contact with the owner and owner´s family members. It is not suitable for regular training of any test procedure, particularly inappropriate for it, e.g. defence of provocation "naughtiness".


It is from medium to large-sized robust but harmonious construction dog. It is strong, with massive bone and powerful muscle. Some individuals exhibit heaviness.

The thick skin with a well developed and sufficiently elastic sub-cutaneous tissue often forms the neck folds. Muscle relief is not visible under the skin. Body frame given by the ratio between height at withers and edge of body should be slightly elongated, it should never be excessively long or too short. Height at withers must be about 1-2 cm greater than the height measured at the level of the hip bumps and make a min. 70 cm males and min. 65 cm for females. Weight of body should involve min 50 kg males and 40 kg females.

The head should be big and strong, but still must correspond to the total size of the male or female. The skull is broad and deep, with a strong and mighty, but not to the sides and arched zygomatic arch. The forehead and crown should be flat and elongated. Occipital bone well, but little noticeable because massive musculature.

Muzzle should be between its eyes wide and a little shorter than the skull. Toward the nose it is slightly narrower. When viewed from above and is angular. It has to be robust, deep and completely filled (forfeited) under the eyes. The muzzle is broad, straight and sometimes slightly downward sloping, forming a slightly down face.

The jaws should be strong, broad. The teeth are white, large, stored close together. Teeth should be comprehensive, consisting of 42 teeth. Seam must be arranged in one row. The bite can be a scissor or level, it is also permissible tight undershot jaw (i.e. reverse scissor bite). Canines have to be far apart, because the jaw must have the proper width. Broken teeth, if impossible assessments bite, it must not be penalized.

Eyes are medium sized, oval shaped, set moderately deep and far apart straight. Their colour can be dark brown to shades of hazelnut. Darker shades are preferred. The expression is serious and credible.

Ears should be of medium size, triangular in shape, thick, hanging, low set. Their bases are at eye level or slightly below. Traditionally cropped in the country of origin and in countries where the act is not law on the protection of animals is prohibited. The neck is of medium length, very strong, on the imaginary oval cross-section, very muscular, carried low. Dewlap is a typical breeding character.

Body has to be perfectly proportional, fixed. Topline body has a typical course. The tap should be significant, long and tall, well-muscled - especially in males. It clearly goes to the back. It is straight, broad, powerfully muscled. Croup is moderately long, broad, very muscular and slightly sloping.

The tail should be high, thick at the base, curved sickle or the last third of its length curled in a free ring. In alertness, it is carried level with the topline of the body, or slightly above, the rest is suspended and then reaching to the hocks.

The chest should be broad, deep, long, spacious, toward the spine is extended. The ribs are strongly arched and the last of them to be correspondingly long. The breastbone is at elbow level or slightly below. Forechest emerges when viewed from the side slightly ahead of the shoulder joint. Belly should be slightly tucked.

Feet should be large, round shape, with arched toes, strong and large padded and claws that can be any colour. Movement should be balanced, supple. The step is the action of the forelegs hearty, pelvic action is the source of a powerful forward momentum (reflection). Upper body lines must be fixed on the move. All large limb joints move easily, smoothly.

The topcoat may be either shorter length 3-5 cm, and evenly covers the entire body, or longer, length 7-10 cm, and forms the neck "mane" or earlobes, the rear sides of the limbs and tail "fringing ". The coat can be any except blue, chocolate brown and tan with a black jacket.