St. Bernard – longhaired variety


St.Bernard - Group II - Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.

General Appearance:

Today it is primarily a social breed that has maintained, although not very wide, it still has but stable circle of friends, not only for its attractive exterior, but also extremely gentle and friendly nature, extraordinary tolerance for children, patience, obedience, extreme devotion to the owners and members of his family, willingness and ability to rejoice, calm temperament and alertness.


Early socialization is necessary, but, thanks to the extraordinary intelligence and docility, it is relatively easy, like education, with which it is necessary to start with as soon as possible. Training is required at an early age, obviously in a playful way, because the maturing individual is due to its size soon enough difficult to handle.

By its welcoming, whether a family member returning home or familiar stranger, it is advisable to bow down to it. It's about to get used during a ceremony for it as a social creature utterly crucial, aiming to lick the face of the incoming and declare that recognition of its superior position in society jumping on people. Weight of body, adult that is resting with its paws forelegs on man´s shoulders, can "resist" Only one, who is sturdy and physically fit. It is not correct to proceed on the banning of ritual. It gives the dog into uncertainty. In its understanding the refusal is clearly friendly gestures, which cannot understand, because it acted "as is right and proper." It could disrupt its future relations with the owner and other people

Thanks to the impressive appearance, alertness and bravery it is just great companion, but also an excellent watchdog. The owner needs to be a calm, prudent but decisive, consistent and reasonably dominant, who is in its eyes a good pack leader. If he does not appear, dog feels completely natural need to undertake this task alone. That owner may not under any circumstances allow. The size and strength of the dog, which then becomes less accessible, it could be very unpleasant. The perfectly developed senses, especially the sense of smell, but also has a "sixth" sense that it allows e.g. to reliably detect an approaching storm or avalanche.


It's a dog of considerable size and overall noble appearance. It is harmoniously built, strong, firm and muscular body with massive head and an alert expression. The format of the body is rectangular. The height at withers, male is min. 70 and max. 90 cm, for female min 65 and max 80 cm.

The skull has to be strong, broad, seen from the front and from the side, slightly arched above. In alertness, they are the base of the ears just level with the top form with him a line, which passes along the sides with a soft, rounded into the strongly developed upper cheek bones.

Muzzle should be as broad from the base up to the nose. The nasal bridge is straight, in the middle of a shallow longitudinal groove. The nose should be black, wide and boxy, with nostrils wide open.

The edges of the lips should be black. Upper must be bold, brooding, never too overhanging. Under the nose they consist of large arches. Corners of the mouth are evident. The upper and lower jaws should be strong, broad. Both jaws are of equal length. It’s required a regular and complete scissor or pincer bite. A tight undershot jaw incisor without loss of contact is permissible. Absence of first premolars (P1) and molars 3 (M3) is tolerated.

Eyes are medium sized, dark or hazel coloured, moderately deep set and friendly expression. They ask naturally tightly closed eyelids adjacent to the eyeball, however small yawing lower with the haws only slightly visible and the upper small indentation is permitted. On the edges of the lids are uniformly black. Ears should be medium-sized, set high, broad at the base, strong enough, pliable, triangular, rounded tops. The rear edges slightly protrude the front adjacent to the cheek.

The neck should be strong and long enough. Dewlap must be a reasonable size. The body is generally robust, balanced, impressive and well muscled. Withers should be well defined. Topline of body up to the loins is straight and horizontal. The back should be broad, strong and tough. Croup is a long, gently sloping and harmoniously into the tail set. It has to be at the root of a broad and strong, long and hard. Its last vertebra must be min. the level of hock. The rest is freely suspended, or even in the last third of the gently curved upward. When excited, it can be slightly raised.

The chest is moderately deep with well sprung, but not barrel-rounded ribs, belly slightly tucked. The forelegs are seen from the front straight and parallel to each other. Movement should be harmonious and spacious, hind legs are a source of abundant forward driving force, the big rebound. Its back remains firm on the move and calm. Action paws and hind legs for locomotion directed straight ahead.

There are shorthaired and longhaired characters. Smooth has topcoat dense, smooth adjacent the coarse, with rich undercoat. On the back of the thigh consists of slightly longer hair insignificant "pants," the tail is covered with dense hair. Longhaired character has appropriately long straight topcoat with a woolly undercoat. On the face and earlobes hair is short, hips and rump usually somewhat wavy. On the backs of the forelegs are "feathering" behind the thighs pronounced "pants", the tail is bushy.

Basic coat colour must be white with smaller or larger patches of rust red (with white patches) that can blend in so-called Jacket (jacket) "torn", incoherent, punctuated by white robe in the assessment of equal value. Dark brindle u stains or the covering is permitted, yellow tolerated. The dark mask on the face is desirable. Black tint stains on the body caused by the end of some top coat is black, is admissible. The white-coloured coat must have chest, feet, tip of tail, around the muzzle, to form a band which, on the forehead, where they form – “balds”, and the neck. Desirable is a white collar around the neck and symmetrical dark mask on its face.