Rafeiro do Alentejo


Rafeiro do Alentejo - Group II. - Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs and other breeds.

General Appearance:

It's a dog calm and deliberate, but also fearless, hard and sharp, on a man totally independent and foreign to all animals and people, especially at night, in the dark, extremely distrustful. The unknown persons it behaves almost always menacing. Deeply encoded characteristics that make it equally incorruptible and very forceful watchdog, it can be problematic if it is as a companion breed. Certainly this breed is not for beginner or inexperienced owners. Dog would always be owned only by one person that it is at all times absolutely consistent, steady and calm.


Only kindly but firmly, solid leadership from its earliest youth that could make it as a good dog, with which you can live quite well "in the same household". Necessary it is also an early, broad and systematic socialization. The main aim of education must be perfect handling this large and powerful dog in adulthood. The way to do this in addition to those essential characteristics of the owner it is the ability to create relationship between the owner a dog from puppy age based on mutual trust and respect. Therefore, the owner must have at all times a true "leader of the pack", peremptory, decisive and fair. This urgently needs to be endowed with natural authority, but also ability to effortlessly under any circumstances, but clearly use. Because it is a breed that is very independent and self-confident, the owner should systematically maintain its leading position lead the dog  on outings always on a leash , the dog was at least a half-step behind him, at worst, it  may be the dog's nose level with owner´s feet.


This is a big, strong dog, whose body frame is more elongated than high (should be short rectangular), which means that its height at withers is slightly less than the length of the body. Height at withers, male is 66 to 74 cm for females 64 to 70 cm. Wight of body, male is  45-60 kg for females, is 35 to 50 kg.

The head is massive, massive size to the total size of the body (it resembles a bear's head). Its top of the line should be in the imaginary extension when viewed from the side, with moderate divergent (divergent) with the muzzle. The cheeks should be well muscled through the mighty of the muscles controlling the lower jaw and fitting to temporal holes.

The muzzle is viewed from the side straight to the imaginary cross-section arched. The nose should be oval, dark-coloured, slightly down on top of the incline. In profile, its front surface recedes diagonally from top to bottom in the reverse direction. The nostrils must be properly opened.

Lips are moderately strong, the edges tinted black. Jaws must be strong and solid. It requires a scissor bite, but bite is also acceptable.

Eyes should be small, oval shaped. May be either protruding or sunken, to be stored in orbit by far the peak of the cornea was just at their edges. They are brown colour, as far as dark, quiet expression.

The earlobes are moderately high set, hanging, small, triangular in shape, with a longitudinal crease, few moving. If a dog is in heat of passion remains visible fold, and yet when the lobe lift at the base and become stronger.

The neck has a smooth transition into the shoulders and should be straight, short and strong. On the neck is a simple longitudinal lobe reasonable size. The back can be straight or slightly sloping. Loins are medium length, straight, broad and strongly muscled. Croup must be either too short or too long, but it must be broad, muscular (appropriately cardinality overall structure of the body or substance) and seen from the side slightly angled.

The tail is set moderately high and forms a smooth continuation of croup. It has to be strong at the root and may be the tip slightly curved upwards, but they should never be wrapped sharply. In the rest is suspended and reaching to hocks, or rather up under them. The movement can be carried upward and curved, without touching the top line of the body.

The chest should be wide and deep, so that reaching the elbow or slightly below. The ribs are clearly arched when viewed from the side, slightly sloping backwards. Front feet should have a solid, well-knit (never extended) and low-arched toes. Their shape is circular. The nails are strong, with coat colour. The pads should be high and rigid.

The hindquarters are strong, when viewed from the side and rear straight and perpendicular to the substrate. Their attitude should be adequately wide. Thighs should be long, broad, strongly, but not overly muscled. Hind feet are the same as the forequarters. The dewclaws may be single or double. Movement should be quite cumbersome, slow and moderately rolling.

Skin is quite strong and quite close to the subcutaneous tissue and skeletal muscle. Mucous membranes are partially or completely black colour, externally visible (lip line) must be fully pigmented. The hair is short or medium length - that is preferred. To be rich, dense, straight and evenly covering the whole body to the inter-digital spaces feet.

Coat colour can be black, wolf grey, fawn or yellow with dark brindle or without him, always with white markings or white with patches of these colours.
All faults from the requirements of the standard shall be considered as defects and evaluate accurately the degree of expression with regard to health and well-being.