Dutch Smoushound


Dutch Smoushound - Group II Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs

General Appearance:

Character is Dutch Smoushound is literally charming, loyal to owner, cheerful, very friendly, relaxed, charismatic, witty and resourceful, tolerant and adaptable dog with a sense of humour that is neither overly active nor timid nor noisy. It is till alert and it is suspicious anytime, immediately it reports.

Under all circumstances it is nice and sympathetic companion, the owner and its family it involves boundless love and faithful beyond the grave. Also, it is very sensitive and perceptive, adequately it responds to voice intonation. The rude words it hurts it, or when it welcomes owner who is coming home, who shouts at it. Thanks to its intellectual abilities it is communication between the dog and the owner is helpful when communication is nice to each other: If you need it for something already owner of reprimand, just kind admonition uttered accusingly rather than angry or threatening. It is very friendly with children, other dogs, but also cats and other pets. To strangers is initially reserved, but never aggressive and it is soon ready to be friend with them. It loves its owner, it is intelligent, docile and manages, during its upbringing there is necessary, the kind of consistency, this breed is even for beginner.

It loves movement it is relentless and it does not tend to move away from the owner when it is released from the guide. With the enthusiasm it goes into the water. Besides being closely guarded it fiercely chasing too harmful rodents. It is perfect for a variety of games and other physical and mental activity, it  is excellent at competitions in agility, flyball, ball games, etc., dog dancing. If it can exercise and train it makes it happy. It must live - if possible - always with people in outdoor pens in any case it does not suit it.

The coat requires regular care (combing) and groom rate by 2 times a year or more frequently, more or less evenly plucking. Never cut with special scissors or an electric razor because they soften the hair and have lost their characteristic texture. Preparation for the dog show it should be given more care to its appearance- the requirements of the standard. It is better when the dog attends dog saloon, professional groomer can help with hair care properly.


It's rough, lively, powerful dog, square build, in which there should be no trace of coarseness or clumsiness. Body frame of female may be slightly longer. Height at withers is for male from 37 to 42 cm and females 35 to 40 cm. Weight of body 9-10 kg.

The head is one of the most typical breed features when viewed from above is wide and short. Skull should be slightly arched above. The forehead is slightly rounded and the front slope (stop) sloping. The muzzle should be strong, as measured by the length of skull from occipital area after stop (the junction of the inner corners of the eye) has a length of muzzle measured from stop to nose as 2:1.The nose is black and wide.

Jaws are strong, relatively short. Lips may be thin, fairly close to the jaw and teeth, and their edges are black. The teeth must be strong, prefers a scissor bite, which means that upper teeth closely overlapping their back surfaces of the front surface of the incisors down ones, even bite or undershot jaw tight (i.e. reverse scissor bite) is also permissible.

The eyes are very typical, friendly and lively expression, large, dark, circular shape. They may never be either bulging or sunken. The eyelid rims should be black, dark lashes and bold.

Ears should be set high, tilted forward. Tips adjacent to the cheeks, are small, thin, triangular in shape, with slightly rounded peaks. When roused rotated slightly forward so that the tops are directed against the cheeks.

The neck is fairly short, well muscled. The body has to look robustly, coarseness, however, should be penalized as excessive slimness (weakness). The back is broad, muscular and straight, shoulders slightly arched, croup should be duly muscled.

The tail may be docked or shortened by 1/3 of its original length (this does not apply in countries where tail docking is the law on protection of animals is prohibited). An undocked tail should be rather short, carried gaily up, but not rewound over the stern and shoulders.

The chest should be broad, with well-sprung ribs, but should not be unduly deep. Abdomen barely tucked up. The forelegs are straight; the attitude should not be too close together. Should be vertical to ground, a strong and on the imaginary cross-sectional oval bones. Shoulders must be adequately sloping. The hindquarters are well angulated, strong and muscular. Hocks must be low over the base. Feet should be round, neat and small („cat") with strong toes and black nails.

Hair is an important feature. On the body must be thick, wiry, harsh, straight and dishevelled appearance, about 4-7 cm long. It should never be curly, wavy or woolly. The Undercoat forms a reliable protection from the weather. Splits If coat on back by itself along the path, it means that it is too long and soft and lacking undercoat.

On the legs should be moderately long, not too dense. On the rear side of the forearm forms hints tags.

Faults: a dense and woolly coat all over the legs on that conceals their outlines what is obviously an unwanted results from blood line of the Dutch Shapedoes. The tail is bushy, around heavily furred, no "flag". The head should be covered with the same wiry hair as the body but slightly shorter, at least on the skull and ear lobes. It’s a fault - long hair on the cheeks, upper lip, chin and eyes called-moustache, beard and eyebrows. It can get a little over the eyes, but it should not obscure or obstruct the dog's vision. Tuft on the top of the defect, as well as distribution of hair on the muzzle parting. Hair on the ear lobe must be shorter than the trunk.

Colouration is uniformly yellow any, preference for a dark straw colour. Ears, whiskers, beard and eyebrows may be darker than the hair elsewhere on the body. Other than the colour of various shades of yellow is inadmissible.

Faults the above standard requirements must be considered as defects and precisely evaluated by the degree of expression with regard to the health and welfare of the dog or bitch. Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified at the dog show.