Beauceron (Berger de Beauce)


Beauceron Group I. - Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, Section 1 – Sheepdogs    with working trial. Recognized in the year and 1911.

General Appearance:

Beauceron character is honest, courageous, but also obedient and reliable dog that should never be mean, timid or suddenly with the situation uneasy and uncertain. It is strongly territorial.

Temperament & Behaviour:

Because it is courageous and self-confident dog, it is not good when owner of this breed is beginner. If there is a situation that owner and members of owner´s family are in any danger or flock is in danger, this breed immediately defends its territory where is supreme master, and it is immediately ready to attack. In such situations it may be very aggressive. During the development of its body, which is a perfect combination of power and speed, it will be a very tough crackdown. If someone wants to keep a dog as a companion, it must have its own wide early socialization from the young age and fierce strictness during training.

The sports training uniquely suit it, but person who does not have experience and perspective this breed is not suitable. It is very good training in obedience or searching tracks training, training of defence.

Inexperienced owner can quickly make a truly problematic dog. Any pushing by force it can soon become stubborn dog. It will be always ready uncompromisingly defend innate sovereignty and compete for leadership in the "pack". There must be equality between owner and this dog, trust to each other, understand to each other. Owner must be master, with natural authority status.


Built must be proportional, stout, at first glance, it should be clearly understood that this dog is a rustic appearance, strong, muscular and tough. It should never be cumbersome. The length of the body must be bigger than the height. For male 65 to 70 cm and female from 61 to 68 cm.

The head is properly shaped, harmonic outlines. Its length is equal to 2/5 of the height at withers. The skull should be as long as the muzzle. Its width and height is slightly less than 1/2 of the total length of the head. Longitudinal front cutting machine is only slightly marked, the occipital protuberance should be distinct however the frontal slope should be slightly sloping. The muzzle should never be too narrow or pointed end. The nose is in relation to it appropriately large should never be affected by cleft and always black. The earlobes are set high, can be tilted either forward or suspended. They must not cling to the cheeks are flat and rather short, their length is equal to half the length of the head.

Lips tight fitting to the jaws and teeth and their margins should be fully pigmented. Upper covers the lower without being freely suspended (baggy), oral forms small adjoining corners fold, and certainly must be closed. Teeth strong, scissor bite is required.

Eyes should be horizontal, slightly oval in shape. The iris should be dark brown, never be (e.g. in individuals with lighter-tan coat colour) lighter than the colour of dark hazelnuts. For harlequin (blue merle coloured individuals) is permitted so glassy ("porcelaine", i.e. whitish) eye colour.

The neck should be well muscled, adequate length and must move harmoniously into the shoulders. Withers pronounced, upper body lines behind it should be horizontal. The back must be straight, shoulders are short, broad and muscular croup is slightly sloping.

The tail is long, calm suspended, reaching at least to hock. Ends with a slight upward hook-shaped curved "J". The movement can be carried above the level of the upper body lines.

The chest should be deep, so the sternum is at elbow level, but must also have proper width and length. Its circumference should be at least 1/5 bigger than the height. The forelegs are in the position vertical to ground. Shoulders should be oblique, moderately long, muscular forearms are, forequarters large, round shape and enclosed. Nails should always be black, wear pads are rigid, but flexible.

The hindquarters should be in the position when viewed from the rear vertical to ground. Thighs broad and muscular, hocks must be strong and not too low base. The peaks of the calcaneus which are clamped strong tendon, are roughly 1/4 the height at withers. Hocks are almost vertical. Hind legs must be large, round shape, tight, tight toes. Dewclaws, for reasons of tradition should be maintained, each consisting of a double-inch, half of which are well separated from each other with claws rather close to the paws. The movement is smooth, free and parallel.

The coat is smooth, short, thick, closed, long 3-4 cm. The undercoat is short, soft, dense and soft, preferably mouse-grey. Coat colour can be black and tan (Black with tan markings, bas-rouge) or blue merle with tan markings (called "harlequin").

Tan points to be above the eyes, on the sides of the muzzle, the front of the chest, throat, around the anus and on the legs from the feet upwards tan gradually decreasing.

Colouration "Harlequin" is made up of a mixture of grey and black top coat with black spots and tan markings. Tolerated indistinct white patch on the front chest.

Faults from the requirements of the standard is to be considered as defects and evaluate accurately the degree of seriousness with regard to health and well-being. Negative faults include unwarranted aggression or excessive timidity, height at withers not reaching or exceeding the standard specified range, too light bone, very bright. Glass and "porcelain" eyes (with the exception of "Harlequin"), cleft nose, nose colour other than black, black and tan, with depigmented districts, overshot or undershot jaw to such an extent that the gap between the incisors, absence of 3 or more teeth (1st premolars P1, but missing), earlobes to tip firmly erect, very pronounced "cow" hind legs, simple or missing dewclaws on hind legs, tail docked or over back, the colour and texture of hair is different from the requirements of the standard, the complete absence of tan markings, shaggy and bushy hair, distinctive and highly visible white markings from the front of the chest, with "harlequin" too much grey in colour, superiority black on one side and grey on the other side of the body, a uniform grey colour head (without black).