Cimarrón Uruguayo


Cimarrón Uruguayo - Group 2- Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle dogs, Section 2.1 Molossoid, Dogue type.

General Appearance:

It's balanced, insightful, intelligent and very courageous dog. In everyday situations it is very quiet. To its own people it is friendly to foreigners is primarily distrustful and in their presence it is doing extremely wary. Actual manifestations of anger and annoyance by this breed it is very rare, except in those cases where it is provoked. Then there is a very strong and tough. It was recently used in its country of origin to hunt wild boar. When attacking prey, it acts very violently, according to witnesses, even furiously to bloodthirsty. It has an excellent sense of smell. If it guards, utterly silent and it barks only if it has that particular reason.


This dog can be owned only by experienced owner, calm and deliberate, patient and meticulous, cautious and prescient, gifted natural authority, which could in all situations peacefully but resolutely uses. Absolutely necessary is socialization at an early age and kind, but consistent training to perfect for handling various situations. It must be based on respect for breeding and individual traits and be based on mutual trust and respect between dog and owner.

Certainly, it cannot be a breed for people who are undecided, unreliable and hesitant with the danger that feels the need to overtake the "pack" leadership. It would never have owned it by a person mentally unstable, unreliable or even reprehensible. The dog will be difficult to manage or it would be deliberately spoiled (led to aggression) and it would be very unpleasant to dangerous.


This is a medium-sized dog Dogue lowland type (short-haired), a strong, compact body, strong, solid frame, very muscular, agile, lively and swiftly. Height at withers , male is from  58 to 61 cm for female is from  55 to 58 cm. Weight of body 38-45 kg male , 33-40 kg female. Important are some basic proportions physique. Ratio of height at withers and length of the body is as a 10: 11.  Height at withers should be the same as the height of the croup measured level hipbones.

The length of muzzle measured from the tip of the nose to the junction of the inner eye corners should be slightly smaller than the length of the skull measured from this connector to the top of the occipital part. The distance from the top surface of the elbow should be the same as the distance from the elbow tap. The skull is wider than it is tall. The occipital part protrudes slightly. The frontal slope (stop) is moderately sloping, never be either gradual or abrupt. The muzzle must be strong, moderately broad. The nose is big, black.

The upper lip overlaps the bottom, but not explicitly loosely hanging, baggy. The jaws are strong, powerful, big teeth, arranged in one continuous line, setsquare to the jaw. The bite should be comprehensive, with six incisors top and bottom six, scissor. The upper incisors should just overlap down ones, touching the back surfaces of the lower front surfaces. Cheeks should be very muscular, but not to the sides dented.

The eyes are medium sized, almond shaped, inquisitive expression. They can be any shade of brown colour corresponding to coat colour, but the darker the better. Ears should be of medium size, not too high or too low, triangle-shaped hanging, but not immediately adjacent to the cheek. They can be cropped (except in countries where intervention by law for the protection of animals has been prohibited) max to 1/2 the original length, so that they are of circular shape similar American puma.

The neck is strong, very muscular and not too long. Topline of body straight and level, may be even slightly dip. Withers: Well visible. Loins: Short, strong, slightly arched. Croup must be adequately long, wide and sloping so that, when viewed from the side is inclined to the horizontal of about 30 degrees.

The tail is strong, medium set. At rest carried down. It is reaching to the hocks. When alert and in movement carried higher, horizontally or slightly above the top line of the body. The chest must be so deep that reached min. the elbows wide, roomy enough. Ribs are properly sprung, but not barrelled. Forechest should be well developed when viewed from the side exits front edge of the shoulder joint.

The forelegs must be seen from the front straight and parallel. Shoulders should be oblique. The shoulder bones are the same length as scapula. The elbows must not be turned in or out. Forearms are straight, strong bone, pasterns when viewed from the side slightly angled. Front feet are oval, fingers should be tight, rigid and padded.

The hindquarters are very muscular, powerful, viewed from behind straight and parallel. Thighs are required bulky. Knees bent appropriately, insteps solid, medium length. The hind feet are round ("cat"), with rigid padded.

Skin is thick and elastic. The coat should be short, smooth adjacent, with undercoat. Colouration may be annealed or may be any shade of fawn colour with or without a mask. Flaxen colour can be shaded black, white markings permitted on the lower jaw, throat, chest, abdomen and end parts of the limbs.

Faults are considered too loose mouth corners, oversized flap at the neck, the sides bulging cheeks and a larger number of missing teeth (tolerates only the absence of two premolars, P).