Spanish Mastiff


Spanish Mastiff - Group II. - Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.

General Appearance:

This is an extremely intelligent, calm, peaceful, and at the same time majestic breed. All this confirms its face. It gets confident, absolutely confident, but also generously, because it is well aware of its extraordinary strength and physical superiority, which, however, if it is well behaved, never misappropriate and it uses only if it is necessary.

Protect the owner and his family ("pack") is not necessary to teach it, it is inborn and it usually begins to manifest as early as the teenage years. It is never aggressive. Babysitting considers its natural duty and guarding the mandated territory it chooses to favour some high place to have a perfect overview. Although there is seemingly resting, it closely follows the events surrounding and it is always ready to intervene.

It can live without problems all year round in an outdoor kennel, it suffers due to its insulating function coat both frost and heat, but it is not perfectly happy and satisfied. It psychologically suffers, it becomes pensive and sad.


It needs if possible permanent contact with "its" people and most importantly plenty of space. Even large pen as if it cannot make it claustrophobic. The only way to lifelong trouble-free coexistence with the giant breed which in critical situations cannot handle even a person physically very fit, it is its perfect handling in all circumstances. The widest possible systematic socialization, twice bigger dogs it is important by dogs that can have a tendency to act in adulthood dominant with other dogs of large breeds, and kind, but iron consistency. What is forbidden once must be always prohibited. What is allowed once must always be allowed. There are exceptions to this rule and must be respected by all members of the family.

During education, it is not necessary any particularly rush as other giant breeds mature later .This breed  between 2 and 3 years of age, however, it should be appreciated that, already at 6 months of age may be in height at withers from  65 to 70 cm (!). The owner needs a calm, patient, acting consistently, by nature endowed with natural authority that all situations can promote non-violent. Just such owner is able to make from this dog perfectly manageable individual. With more knowledgeable children it gets well, but the partner of their games will be only occasionally when dog wants.


It's a big heavy dog balanced body and impressive proportions, very strong and muscular, with a compact body, large head and a medium length coat. The format of the body may not be a square. The length of the body must be greater than height at withers. Desirable proportionality is functionally harmonious overall appearance at rest and in motion. There is no upper limit of height at withers. The preference is given to individuals more balanced physique. Minimum limit of height at withers is the height of the FCI standard established by dogs to 77 cm for male and for females to 72 cm.

The skull must be huge, as wide as long as or longer than broad, above when viewed from the side very slightly arched. The occipital part is required significant. The frontal slope (stop) should be slightly sloping but not too steep.

Muzzle if seen from the front almost square and toward the nose tapers slightly, but in its level sufficiently wide. Definitely not be sharply pointed. The muzzle is viewed from the side straight. The nose should be black, wet, big and broad. The upper lip overlaps the lower. The edges of the lips must be black. Require a scissor bite. The teeth are white, strong and healthy. Long and sharp fangs allow the firm bite. Molars are strong and powerful incisors should not be too large. It is desirable to complete the number of premolars. Floor should be pigmented black, with a distinctive cross bunk rails.

Eyes are compared with the head of are small, almond shaped, preferably dark, hazel. Their look is attentive, noble, gentle and intelligent. When it is in contact with strangers can be very tough and strident. The eyelids are thick on the edges of black pigmented. Lower usually reveals a bit of conjunctiva.

Ears should be medium-sized, hanging, triangular-shaped, flat, set above the eye line. In repose they lie close to the cheeks freely. When it is excited, and projecting in the upper third of the rear part lifted. They must not be cropped. The neck shape of a truncated cone is broad, strong, muscular and flexible.

Body should be strong and robust, showing great strength, but it is flexible and agile. Topline body should be straight, horizontal, even in movement. Withers must be significant. The back should be strong and muscular. Loin is long and broad, firms towards the flanks narrow. Croup is broad.

Tail should not be set too high or too low. At the root it is very strong and the hair on it is longer than in other parts of the body. The rest should be suspended and achieves min. the hock in the last quarter can be hooked up. In movement and when the excitement takes sickle shape, the end is slightly bent, but should never be curved as arch from base to tip, or attached to the stern.

The chest is broad, deep, muscular and powerful. Tip of the breastbone should be distinct, emerges when viewed from the front edge of the shoulder joint.

Colouring can be different. The most valuable is uniformly yellow hue lion yellow, red deer shade of red, black and sable. Desirable is also striped, spotted or white "collar" around its neck.