Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail
Place of Origin:
House Cats
Breed type:
Short-haired or semi-long-haired cat
Body type:
2.5 - 4 kg
Colour variants:
All colour variants except badges and ticking

History: In China, cats with different lengths of tail were appeared more than a thousand years ago. Therefore, Chinese Cats are thought to be the ancestors of the Japanese Bobtail. For centuries the Japanese kept short-haired House Cats with short blunt tails and taut tails. In the United States, however, the first Bobtail was imported only in 1968 and it is still relatively unknown in the rest of the world. In America, the Japanese Bobtail was recognized as a breed in 1976, in Europe by FIFe 1998.

Temperament: This is an expressive, extroverted and happy cat. They are very social, intelligent and curious. With other cats and dogs, it is getting well.

Body: A typical Japanese Bobtail is a shortened tail. It is about 5 to 8 centimetres long. Can be straight, bent or cranked. The muscular body is long and slender, just like the legs. The paws are oval. The head has a wedge-shaped and high cheekbones. Big eyes are oval. The ears are large, standing straight, roughly at the corners of the head.

Coat: Short to long hair is soft and silky by touch. The undercoat is almost missing, so the coat is fitting to the body. The Japanese Bobtail is typical of a little moulting.

Care: Due to a little moulting, the coat of the Japanese Bobtail can only be combed regularly. The ears should be cleaned when necessary, and claws should be cut.

Colour variants: All hair colours are allowed, except Siamese and Abyssinian colours. The most popular are however mostly white, with a few black or red, clearly defined and intensely stained spots (Mi-ke). In Japan, it is believed that this Bobtail´s colouration brings happiness. All eye colours are also allowed, including different variety of both eyes.