Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkshire Terrier - Group III. - Terriers, Section 4 - Toy Terrier.

General Appearance:

It is a small, alert, lively and intelligent dog with balanced character, like any Terriers it is cheerful, docile, playful and in any action alert and energetic. It is  wrong, who would see  this breed in the show ring with extremely long hair standing in the show position on  red cloth-covered pedestal (it points out the length of the hair), and thought that it is a dog that where you left it in the evening you can find in the morning, it is  big mistake. This is how the dog performs during judging at dog show, it is a result of intensive training.

This breed is every real Terrier in all details, it is right and proper. Despite its size it is courageous, active, energetic, enterprising and lively. It should never be intimidated. It does not miss its independence, even though its owner dearly loves. Its behaviour it can literally charmed, it is very fragile, cute, nice dog. This breed loves with all its soul. It is very devoted breed to its owner. The happiest it is in the immediate vicinity, whether at home all day it can be lazy, or spend it on a hiking tour. Such a physically demanding trip it has no trouble passing it.

It loves movement and agility it is a perfect for sport activities. Train and compete it is always with full dedication and extraordinary passion. It uses its speed, agility and cleverness and skill. It gladly participates in games with children (they cannot hurt or humiliate it, it has own pride) it gets well with domestic pets (it behaves with them by a friendly way).


Its education is not really difficult, it can handle even a beginner, but it must be consistent and must graciously start at a very early youth. But it is not easy for everyone when puppy is small cute, you cannot resist, etc. Properly educated dog is obedient and well controlled. It fits into the tightest city apartment, accustoming from puppy age when it is proper learnt to use the litter box. Extremely long coat for dog show by some individuals it is requiring special care, which is really difficult. It includes regular combing.


This is a small but relatively compact and sturdy dog perfectly balanced body. Must look neat, long straight hair merges both sides of the body to the ground and it  is neatly divided into an upper part of the body straight parting extending from nose to tail. Proud head posture and movement gives the impression consciousness of its own importance. This breed certainly does not feel handicapped by its size. Weigh of body should not be greater than 3.2 kg.

Skull should be rather small and the above flat, not too prominent (large) or round (arched above). Muzzle must not be excessively long. The nose is black. The bite should be scissors, regular and complete - 6 upper incisors closely overlapping down 6 teeth, both of which are in symmetrical jaws set firmly and vertically.

The eyes should be of medium size, dark, sparkling, with piercing, intelligent eyes, set straight. They may not be bulking. The eyelid rims must be dark. The earlobes are required small "V", erect, not too wide apart and covered with short hair, a deep tan.

The neck should have adequate length to the head could be proud, i.e. high, carried. The body is a compact, spine straight, shoulders should be fixed. The tail is docked (in countries where the procedure is not a law for the protection of animals is prohibited), but may not be docked. If it is docked, should be moderately long, heavily furred, darker colour than the hair elsewhere on the body. It is carried slightly above the topline of the body. If it is not docked, it is heavily furred coat it must be a darker blue in colour than the rest of the body, especially at the end. It should be as straight as possible. Its length should adapt harmoniously with the overall look.

Chest forms appropriately sprung ribs. The forelegs are straight, richly covered with hair of rich golden tan. Guard hairs are at the ends of a few shades lighter than the roots. Tan does not extend above the elbows. Shoulders should be appropriately oblique.

The hindquarters when viewed from behind perfectly straight, moderate turn of stifle and richly covered with hair of rich golden tan. And there are hairs on the ends of a few shades lighter than the roots. Tan does not extend above the knee. Feet should be round, black nails. The gait is free, abundant. Events and hind legs must be pointing straight forward, the upper body lines even under the horizontal locomotion.

Body hair must be suitably long, perfectly straight (never wavy), glossy fine silky texture. It should never be woolly and must not impede the dog is in motion. On the head should be long, flowing, deep tan, darker on the sides, around the base of the ears and muzzle, which should be very long. Tan on head not to extend to the neck and may not be incorporated in the black or dark hairs. The colour of hair on the body should be dark steel blue (not silver blue) and extends from the occipital part to tail. It should never be mixed blond, bronze-coloured or dark hairs. Coat front chest is rich, bright tan. All tan hairs darker at the roots than in the middle and towards the ends gradually light beam.

Any fault from the requirements of the standard is to be considered as defects and evaluate accurately the degree of seriousness with regard to the health and welfare of the male or female. To negative defects include aggression or timidity. Individuals exhibiting obvious anomalies physical or behaviour should be disqualified at the dog show.