Kerry Blue Terrier


Kerry Blue Terrier Group III Terriers, Section 1 - Large and medium sized Terriers.

General Appearance:

Simultaneously Kerry blue terrier is exclusively a companion dog. It is gaining popularity for its activity, typical temperament and noble, friendly, thoroughly terriers character, courage and vigilance. It's soulful, playful and cheerful it has a reputation as a comedian, but it is never overly excitable or even hysterically. Despite its temperament it is very sensitive and the owner and owner´s family it absolutely loves. If owner’s family would be in danger this breed immediately change in guard dog otherwise very nice, peaceful dog. It is guarding if necessary, it attacks only if it is provoked directly. The unknown persons who are not aggressive or suspicious (e.g. not climbing over the fence) is kind.


It gets well with other dogs and other pets, if it got a proper early socialization and adequate education. But also it has enough confidence and if the owner is not appropriate in all circumstances consistent and resolute, if the owner is not gifted by natural authority and the judgment of the dog cannot cope with the tasks wholly leader of the "pack" it is ready to overtake the leadership positions itself. Then it could be certain situations and the dog is grumpy, irritable and aggressive.

Family in which it lives, it is considered as "my pack," which needs by dog laws capable, decisive, fair and sovereign leaders, pack must survive. Unless it threatens by extinction sooner or later, it is therefore incumbent upon the other capable individuals to try to give α-position.  The owner needs a quiet, kindly but steadfastly consistent capable, non violent way to exercise. Owner must show kindly own authority under all possible situations.

By the intelligence of the breed and its excellent memory it does not properly conducted an extraordinary education any problems. Important to its success is the relationship between dog and owner. It should be based on absolute trust. Human behaviour must be consistent so that the dog must understand what it means. Breed is not suitable for people capricious, inconsistent, indecisive and passive, but neither choleric, reacting without proper consideration context rashly.


It is a sturdy dog perfect proportional body composition, muscular, handsome, standing and moving. Despite all the temperament it has in abundance, its behaviour is measured. Height at withers, male  from 45.5 to 49.5 cm and 44.5 cm, females - 48 cm. Weigh of body, male is from 15 to 18 kg ,female is correspondingly lower.

The head should be heavily coated dogs (male) is bigger and stronger muscular than female, but even they may not be so powerful jaw muscles that are bulging cheeks and head badly expanded. Skull required large enough and balanced frontal slope (stop) must not be precipitous.

The muzzle should be moderately long. Nose black, the nostrils should be large and wide open. The teeth must be large, straight and white. Scissor bite is required, but the bite is also acceptable. Jaws should be strong and well muscled, able to bite hard. Oral mucosa, i.e. the gums and palate, dark pigmented.

Eyes should be dark hazel or dark brown colour. They are medium-sized and properly stored in orbit (neither sunken nor bulging), an eager expression. The earlobes should be thin, rather small, tilted forward or carried on the sides of the head and rotated forward for emphasis Terrier´s acumen.

The neck must be proportional, firmly set in the shoulders, a reasonable length. The back is moderately long and straight. Loins have adequate length.

The tail must be set in the correct amount, up and carried gaily.

The chest should be deep and well wide. Ribs must be properly rounded. The forelegs are seen from the front straight, strong bones. Shoulders should be oblique, closely attached to the chest and sufficiently, but dryly muscled. Shoulders must be rough, i.e. to the sides dented. The hindquarters must be straight when viewed from behind, should be duly muscular thighs and strong hocks. Feet are compact (closed with well-knit toes), padded solid, rounded shape, black nails.

The movement should be well coordinated, thoracic legs moving parallel to the median longitudinal vertical plane of the body and their action is spacious. Pelvic are copious source of forward momentum (massive rebound). The motion must be equal to the topline of the body and the head and tail should be carried high.

The coat should be soft, plentiful and wavy. Permissible is any shade of blue coat with black markings or without them. Uniform black colour is acceptable only in subjects aged 18 months, which also applies to tan tint colour.

All deviations from the requirements of the standard must be considered as defects and evaluate exactly according to their severity with regard to the health and welfare of the male or female. Defects include over- or undershot jaw, flesh coloured mucous membrane of the gums, eyes, yellow or light-coloured, back arched (as the topline of the body carp fish roach, or sway, narrow chest, out at elbows, nails white or ivory, persistent dewclaws on hind legs, or marks after amputation, narrow or cow hocks (convergent hocks) hindquarters and stiff movement, coat hard, wiry or bristly and otherwise than blue coloured.

Exhibitors who must hold dog´s head and tail in ring at dog show, these dogs should be penalized and those that show distinct anomalies physical or behaviour should be disqualified at the dog show.