Redbone Coonhound


N - Redbone Coonhound - FCI recognized breeds.

General Appearance:

Character is friendly and when it lives in close contact with the man, it is also a nice, versatile and handy dog. Attractive exterior it contributes with the establishment of temperament that is increasingly sought as a companion dog. It may be social and also powerful hunting dog.

Like other hounds its behaviour during hunting is totally different when it is at home, while it behaves wildly, furiously chasing prey, at home, on the contrary it behaves calmly and gently. It needs to be with "its family" and to fully participate in its life, gladly it accepts and friends of the family. After the arrival of anyone from the family or friends at home dog must welcome everybody. It loves playing the games and it gets well with children.


The education is not usually difficult, because it loves immeasurably its owner and members of his family, it psychologically depends on them and try to do the best. If it must not live permanently in an outdoor kennel, it mentally suffers. Due to its physical realities of adulthood must be from an early age led gently but thoroughly and be fully controlled.

Education must not be violent in any way. It must be conducted with calmness and patience. It cannot be forgotten that matures slowly, physical and mental maturity is reached at the age of two years, therefore, it is not possible with education and training needlessly rush. Adolescent individuals are particularly full of energy and desire for any activity. The more it is necessary to pursue them otherwise due to the lack of activity it releases necessary to destruction of housing facilities.

Despite its positive qualities it is not the best breed for owner who is beginner. Owner beginner can easily spoilt the dog, and then by its size, strength and no little confidence it will not be a nice companion. Unless it is regularly and often used for hunting, it requires another job. With the right approach can be trained quite well as a watchdog and as a defender. Thanks to its intelligence it can accurately distinguish different voice announcing known and unknown newcomers.

It is great hunter. It needs a movement. In nature it is better when dog is fixed on leash, when it finds the track, it can start to chase it. The owner will have to wait long time for its return.


This is a dog rarely balanced body, very elegant and friendly character endowed with extraordinary hunting abilities. Height at withers, male is 56 - 68.5 cm and female is 53 - 63.5 cm, weight of body is 23-32 kg. Body frame is slightly rectangular.

The head corresponds to the size of the overall body size, the skull is reasonably broad and muzzle must have the appropriate length. Scissor bite, pincer bite is acceptable.

The eyes are dark colours or hazel brown, the darker the better. The earlobes should be somewhat lower, fine in texture and hanging long enough to attain if they are stretched forward without any violence, up to the nose and overall with the size of the head.

The neck should be moderately long, strong, slightly arched in the nape, proudly carried upward. The skin on the neck without dewlap, just below the angle of the mandible can be several small skin folds.

The back should be strong shoulders slightly arched. The chest is broad and deep, formed reasonably sprung ribs. The forelegs are muscular, but not bulging shoulders. Forearms are straight, strongly boned, muscular, but never to be gross. Wrists should be straight.

Thighs hind legs should be muscular, but not to the sides dented. Crus are straight, strong bones, well muscled, however, must never be rough. Hocks are not to be convergent when viewed from behind, cow hocks highly undesirable. Feet are round, i.e. Cat with strong, arched and tight toes with firm padded. They may not be turned in or out.

The tail should be moderately long, on the lower side with a slightly longer coat ("brush").

Coat should be smooth, shiny and tightly adjacent. The hairs may not be too soft or too hard, not too long nor very short, but medium texture, moderate length. Colouration is uniformly either red or red with small white markings on chest and front paws. Uniformly red is preferred.