Pont Audemer Spaniel


Pont Audemer Spaniel - Group VII - Pointing Dogs, Section 1 - Pointings Dogs Continental type Spaniel type.

General Appearance:

This breed of gentle and kind nature, really tenderly loving its owner, easy to use, easily trainable, reliable and docile, which in addition to its hunting exercises, it may be due to the establishment of its character, it is very pleasant man´s companion. It is calm and tolerant, it does not seek unnecessary contact with other dogs and even less conflicts.


During training it needs to be handled very gentle, rough handling it can mentally reliably destroyed it because it loses confidence in the owner. Education should be based, as well as training on the kind of consistency. After it does not make any problems because the dog tries to do all, it is very strongly fixed to its owner. It needs plenty of exercise, but not in this direction as demanding as most other hunting breeds. It works very diligently, exerts considerable hunting with passion and great joy.


It is strongly built, stocky stature. Height at withers is 52-58 cm.

The head has a circular, domed skull above the occipital part, slightly rounded at the sides. The facial hair is short on the top of its long, curly and form a "crest". Its forehead is rising, but not long feathered front slope (stop) makes with the muzzle obtuse angle, it is palpable.

Muzzle should be elongated nasal bridge slightly arched in the middle, brown nose, rather pointed. When viewed from the side protrudes slightly over front edge of the upper lip. Lips are thin, only slightly overhanging so it looks more like the muzzle pointed.

Eyes should be dark amber or hazel colour. They are rather small and may not even be bulging or sunken. The earlobes are required surface suspended, moderate, slightly lower seeded and covered with long, silky, curled hair, which goes to "crest" with which it, forms becoming a "wig".

The neck should be slightly arched neck, dry, muscular, lean head and strong where it passes into the shoulders. The back is straight or slightly convex (curved). The loin should be short, broad, solid and muscular. The croup is slightly sloping hip bumps clearly stand out and achieve the level of upper body lines.

The tail is set roughly at the height of the loins is supported almost horizontally and is usually shortened to about 1/3. Strong at the root and around densely covered with fuzzy hair. In countries where docking is prohibited by law, can remain naturally long. If it is not docked, should be medium length and slightly curved upwards.
The chest should be long, wide and so deep that reached to the elbows. The ribs are long. Groins have to be shallow, little rolled up. Limbs are relatively short, so the body is low above the ground, but it may not be so short as to make the overall look like a Spaniel. Thoracic have strong, long, sloping shoulder blade, which fit snugly against the chest. The shoulder bones are sufficiently muscled.

Hindquarters are long, muscular thighs, where coat forms behind "trousers". Hocks are neither wide and pointing straight backwards, nor the convergent or divergent.

Hock be rather short and mainly on the back side covered with fuzzy hair. Dewclaws should be removed. Feet are round, pointing straight forward, they must not be turned in or out. Among the fingers are long and curly hairs.

Coat is corrugated, in some parts of the body and curled reminds water dogs. Body hair is thick, curly with a slight tendency to pilling, good dog protects against weather. Colouring must be maroon, mostly pervaded grey coloured hair, colour reflection of withering leaves.